Spoiler Alert: 'Hawaii Five-0' Spoilers
Spoiler Alert: 'Hawaii Five-0' Spoilers
This article contains Hawaii Five-0 spoilers. Wary readers should turn back!

Say Goodbye to Jenna Kaye

In the first of our Hawaii Five-0 spoilers, we deal with the potential death of a former Five-0 team member. According to executive producer Peter Lenkov, the storyline involving Larisa Oleynik's Jenna Kaye will be wrapped up in episode 10, an episode that will deal with the McGarrett/Wo-Fat conflict and take us back to North Korea and the origins of McGarrett. But the speculation that Jenna will perish in her final episode is only that: speculation, based on the show's history of killing off important recurring characters (like Jean Smart's Gov. Jameson).

If Jenna does die, will it be because she betrays Wo-Fat by giving her former team some much-needed information? And if she lives, will she ride off into the sunset with her maybe-not-so-dead fiancé? With the episode set to air during November sweeps, anything is possible. And that is only the start of our Hawaii Five-0 spoilers.

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H50 and NCIS: LA Cross Over

As NCIS: Los Angeles star Daniela Ruah tweeted to her followers, she will be appearing on Hawaii Five-0 in the show's first crossover episode. Ruah's Agent Kensi Blye will make a brief but important appearance on the show, probably sometime in November. Crossover episodes are always a big draw so it would make sense for Ruah's episode to air during November sweeps but what would bring Agent Blye all the way to Hawaii?

Will her character play a role in the same episode that sees the end of Jenna Kaye? And will this first crossover spark future collaborations between the two shows? According to NCIS: LA executive producer Shane Brennan, "there are possibilities" for future crossovers, though no plans are currently in the works.

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Will Autumn Bring the Love?

As first reported by TVLine's Michael Ausiello, Hawaii Five-0 has cast former OC star Autumn Reeser as a love interest for Danny. Reeser's character, the curator of a maritime museum, will cross paths with Scott Caan's Danny Williams when she helps the Five-0 team in one of their investigations. Danny is said to fall for Reeser's character rather quickly but will their romance be a true love connection or just a re-bound? After all, Danny was only recently planning to reunite with his ex-wife Rachel, before learning that he is not the father of Rachel's unborn child.

Despite Rachel's declaration last season that her marriage was over, it was revealed in the season premiere that Rachel chose to give it another go with her husband, for the sake of their child. So will Reeser's character mend Danny's broken heart or make him realize that he's still in love with Rachel? Reeser's role has the potential to become recurring so I guess it all depends on how the audience reacts to Danny's new gal pal.

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Lost and Found

The last of our Hawaii Five-0 spoilers is just an update, of sorts. Former Lost star Terry O'Quinn has extended his contract with Hawaii Five-0 from an original 6-episode deal to 9 episodes. And executive producer Peter Lenkov hopes to keep O'Quinn's Lt. Commander Joe White around for an even longer stay, should the actor be up for it. As reported in EW.com's Inside TV, other notable guest stars set to appear in season 2 are MMA fighter Chuck Liddell, singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett, Nightmare on Elm Street star Robert Englund and Lost veteran Tania Raymonde.

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