'Hawaii Five-0' Season 3 Premiere Preview: 'La O Na Makuahine'
'Hawaii Five-0' Season 3 Premiere Preview: 'La O Na Makuahine'
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Hawaii Five-0 is back tonight and it picks up right where it left off in May. The premiere "La O Na Makuahine" is not to be missed as it resolves the finale cliffhangers, while leaving questions to be answered throughout season 3.

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When we last saw the Hawaii Five-0 task force, the team members were all dealing with their own individual problems. Danny was fighting for custody of Grace to prevent her from going to Las Vegas with her mother. McGarrett was in Japan to finally meet the elusive Shelburne and was shocked to find his mother (Christine Lahti) standing there when the door opened. And, the biggest cliffhanger of them all: Will Malia and/or Kono survive?

The Hawaii Five-0 premiere is highly emotional and full of death; at least 7 people are killed that I can think of off the top of my head. The episode opens with Kono drowning, while Malia is bleeding out in Chin's arms. The moments while their life and death situations are playing out is gut-wrenching to watch.

Frank Delano (Billy Baldwin) kidnapping Malia and Kono showed his cruelty and ruthlessness, which only continues. He has a grand plan that goes much deeper than anyone imagined and it plays out in the premiere.

McGarrett's reunion with his mother is not all hugs and kisses, but they return to Hawaii together thinking it is safe because Wo Fat is behind bars. They get back just in time for McGarrett to help the team track down Delano. 

The action will put you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what will happen next. There are a few unexpected twists that will set up questions for the rest of the season. Even though the hour is distressing and tense, there are a few lighter moments that made me smile too.

The Hawaii Five-0 premiere airs tonight, Monday, September 24 at 10 pm ET on CBS. In order to refresh your memory of the finale and the season 2 Wo Fat and Frank Delano story arcs, check out the below video recap.

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