'Haven' Recap: Death, With a Twist... Or Two... Or Three
'Haven' Recap: Death, With a Twist... Or Two... Or Three
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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I don't know that there has ever been a show better at the surprise twist than Haven.

Throughout the show's three seasons, there have been more jaw-dropping twists than most shows could manage in a decade.

In the first part of "Magic Hour," for example, we didn't just get one twist. We got three. And they were incredible. Get ready to be amazed again with this recap.

The Dead Don't Stay Dead

This Haven begins with a little girl lying dead on a dining-room table. Her parents stand by, waiting. What are they waiting for?


As soon as the Sun disappears, the child leaps up and happily runs out to a porch swing. She seems fine.

Although we're all expecting zombies at this point, the kid seems to be OK the next day as well. Her mother, however, gets run over by an SUV and dies.

Haven is a dangerous place.

Wait, What?

Nathan and Tommy come to investigate the hit-and-run and are immediately suspicious of the dead woman's husband, Dan. After an odd cell-phone call, Dan runs off. Tommy follows the man and sees him drop a bag full of money... Did Dan pay for his wife's death?

Nope. Considering that they next find Dan in the morgue, keeping the doctors from performing an autopsy, this is something else. The Sun sets outside the morgue windows, and the wife sits up, very much alive.

By questioning the couple and identifying the hit-and-run SUV, Nathan and Tommy are led to another married couple, the Carters. But the large and impressive home of Charlie and Sophia Carter holds only more death -- Charlie Carter has been shot and killed. Sophia says that she had been told to pay for the man's resurrection. It just didn't happen.

In the Absence of a Butler, the Housekeeper Did It

The murderous blackmailer turns out to be Moira (an unidentifiably frumpy Claudia Black), the part-time housekeeper who worked for many of Haven's wealthy families. Not that Moira is bringing people back from the dead -- that would be Moira's kid sister, Noelle.

Although Noelle is a nice girl who doesn't think resurrecting for money is a good idea, she goes on the run with Moira. But thanks to road blocks,the two just have to hide in their dad's old cabin.

Have We Found the Bolt-Gun Killer?

Nathan and Tommy don't have unlimited time to spend chasing Moira and Noelle, of course. They still have the case of the Bolt-Gun Killer to solve. When Jordan comes to visit Nathan at the police station, she is shocked to learn that a friend of hers, Grady, may be the killer. She asks Nathan if he will let her track down the friend. The overworked Nathan agrees.

Jordan enlists Dwight to help and together they find the last man to see Grady -- a Troubled guy from California that Grady was supposed to re-settle. But this man hasn't seen Grady since getting to town. It seems that the police showed up when they arrived, so the California man fled.

No one has seen Grady since.

On the Trail of the Colorado Kid

Why can't Nathan just get Audrey and Duke to help out with all of these cases? That would be because Audrey has run off, with Duke, to Colorado in the hopes of finding out more on James Cogan, the Colorado Kid.

Their first stop, the supposed residence of James' mother June, is only somewhat enlightening. Instead of the old woman, Audrey and Duke find a confrontational man who runs a way-station used by the Guard to transport the Troubled to Maine. The man does reluctantly admit that June has moved to a nursing home.

Dead Ends and Desperate Kisses

Alas, June Cogan is quite senile with Alzheimer's and thinks that James is only 9 years old. She won't be of any help... Or will she?

June has one moment of brief clarity when she sees Audrey. The old woman calls her Sarah, asks why her hair isn't red and protests that Sarah was never supposed to come back. And then she goes back to her senility.

Even the photo album that Duke kindly stole from June's room fails to help much. We do learn that James married a woman named Arla in 1983, just before he disappeared. Unfortunately, Arla committed suicide a short time later and is of no help.

Because of a local lumberjack competition, Audrey and Duke have ended up in the same hotel room. At least this means Audrey has someone to talk to when she loses it at the mention of Fun-ions (or however you spell that). She only has 20 days left, after all, and doesn't know what to do with herself. Duke is all sweet and supportive and hot and stuff. So they kiss.

Yes, Audrey and Duke kiss!!!

Briefly. Audrey realizes that she doesn't have time to screw this up, and a kiss is all we get.

A Ginger Blast from the Past

The next morning while drinking coffee, Duke laughs at the thought of Audrey as a redhead. This gives Audrey a plan...

...And she shows up in June Cogan's room with a red wig and old-fashioned clothes. This works surprisingly well -- June immediately recognizes Sarah. Then she freaks out, begging Sarah not to take back the baby. June insists that she was raising James just fine.

Why does June care so much what Sarah thinks? That would be because Sarah was the mother of baby James. Which means that the Colorado Kid is the son of Audrey Parker. 

I didn't see that one coming...

Can't Trust Anyone These Days...

Back in Haven, Nathan and Tommy are out searching the cabins when Dwight calls to say that he and Jordan found a dead and burned Grady out on Route 17. Dwight also mentions that a Haven police department cruiser was the vehicle last seen with Grady.

This concerns Nathan. But he and Tommy have more pressing business -- they find the cabin where Moira and Noelle are hiding. Fortunately, Audrey and Duke have just returned from Colorado and can help. When Nathan calls to give Audrey the cabin's coordinates, however, he notices something interesting on Tommy's GPS -- the new cop in town was out on Route 17.

Nathan may be suspicious of Tommy by now, but he's not suspicious enough to reject his only source of backup when catching Noelle and Moira. Alas, it's only gentle, guilty Noelle in the cabin. She surrenders without much of a fight, and Nathan takes her out to the car. Tommy stays behind to looks for clues to find Moira.

Given a brief opportunity to search Tommy's trunk, Nathan finds something with the spare tire: a bolt-gun. Is Tommy the bolt-gun killer???

It sure seems that way, since Tommy seems proud of the weapon and then shoots Nathan twice at close range. Nathan falls down dead, but this at least gives Noelle a chance to run away. Tommy might have pursued her, but this is when Audrey and Duke arrive.

Tommy blames Noelle for the death. Audrey is too upset to care. Duke, however, might be suspicious...

And the episode ends. We have to wait a week to find out if Nathan lives. If Tommy is the bolt-gun killer. If Audrey is indeed the mother of the Colorado Kid. If Moira will return.

Personally, I don't know if I can wait that long. How about you? Share your thoughts, theories and comments below!

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