5 Reasons Why You Should Watch the 'Haven' Season 3 Premiere
5 Reasons Why You Should Watch the 'Haven' Season 3 Premiere
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
You shouldn't need specific reasons to watch the excellent Haven season 3 premiere. You should just watch it.

But some people need explanations and justification. If that describes you, check out this preview article. I promise that only minimal Haven season 3 spoilers lie ahead!

The long-awaited return to Haven jumps us right back into the action of this Troubled Maine town, and no time at all seems to have passed since the season 2 finale. Nathan and Duke are headed for a fistfight, while Audrey has disappeared at the hands of an unseen kidnapper.

Is it worth it to see what happens next?

In a word, yes. This is a solid return for Haven. The characters are just as intriguing as ever -- newly Troubled Duke is especially important to this episode -- and the town is just as crazy. Like virtually every Haven episode, we have a Trouble that has gone berserk. But there are also character-driven plots and some forward movement on the mysteries of Audrey and the Colorado Kid.

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But why specifically is it worth it to watch the Haven season 3 premiere? Here are five good reasons.

1. Haven is back!

If you're not a new viewer to this show, you know how long it's been since we last saw a new episode of Haven -- more than a year! Far too long. So just the fact that Haven is back is a reason to celebrate and watch.

2. The season 3 premiere brings what we like.

Think about the things that make Haven work for you. The season 3 premiere has all of them. We're talking about aTrouble of the Week, Nathan and Duke fighting (a lot), Audrey saving the day, squabbling from Vince and Dave (who, as always, know more than they are saying), mysteries surrounding Audrey's identity, Dwight and his clean-ups, disturbing implications for the future... Oh, and the Colorado Kid.

3. What's That About the Colorado Kid?

Yes. It looks like the Colorado Kid is going to be a major part of season 3. That name first arises within the first few minutes of the episode and remains a factor through the end.

4. Aliens!

Seriously. Haven may be facing alien invaders in this one.

5. A little something for the Audrey/Nathan fans...

Since season 2 ended with an aborted romantic evening for Audrey and Nathan, we would expect season 3 to keep that going. We will not be disappointed. It's a nice treat for those who always wanted those two crazy kids to get together.

Oh, and if you take the trouble to watch the Haven premiere, you'll be rewarded with a very important and unexpected ending. You do not want to miss that.

Haven season 3 begins on Friday, September 21 at 10pm on Syfy.

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