'Hart of Dixie' Exclusive Interview: Scott Porter on Love in Bluebell for Season 3
'Hart of Dixie' Exclusive Interview: Scott Porter on Love in Bluebell for Season 3
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Hart of Dixie ended last season with Zoe caught between Wade and George once again. In response, the three all ran away from their relationship woes. Zoe went to New York where she crossed paths with Jonah, George headed out to realize his rock 'n roll dreams, and Wade was left with the Rammer Jammer. Hart of Dixie season 3 picks up after a three month time jump. 

I caught up with Scott Porter at the CBS/CW Annual Summer Stars event to find out what happened over the summer and what's next for the love triangle.

Did George have fun rock 'n rolling over the summer?

He did. As he got to the end of the tour and the fun started to go away, reality set in that the girl that he had fallen in love with over the second season, Tansy, wasn't there any more and he wanted to try and find her and things don't go well. George is holed up somewhere.

The first episode is "The Hunt for George Tucker" basically. He's holed up somewhere growing a beard, mustard stains all over his shirt, just kinda between bitterness and rage. Just kinda hanging out. He's a little depressed.

Is George totally over Zoe?

I don't think he's totally over her because he's harboring emotions towards her. And, even though they are pretty gritty emotions at the beginning of season 3, there are still pretty strong feelings. But, I think the more important question is if she's completely over him. 

George is just trying to pick up the pieces and kinda move on. There's just something about Bluebell that keeps drawing him back, but he knows every time he goes back, he gets hurt more and more. This season is going to be tricky for George.

What is the theme of season 3? Is the love triangle or quadrangle going to drive the story? 

Initially, because we lost some very talented actors to other shows, the first couple episodes are really about restocking and introducing some new and really pivotal characters that are definitely going to stir the pot this year. 

George ends up with one of them at the first episode and he doesn't know if it's a mistake or not. It's a bit of a one-night stand that could lead to a lot of trouble for George in the town.

Are George and Wade interacting at all early in the season?

That's the one-night stand ... no. George and Wade, those guys have so much history. Regardless of what happens between the two of them, they are always going to be there for each other. If George called Wade in the middle of the night and was stranded 25 miles outside of Bluebell, Wade would drop everything or anyone he may possibly be with at the time and help George. And, George would do the same for Wade.

They aren't always happy with each other, but there are there for each other. It's a very cool relationship, but that's just how guys really are. They don't hold as many grudges and they get over things a lot quicker. At this point, George knows that Wade was guilty of some transgressions in the last season, but he also got his heart broken in a way. And, George can feel that and hopefully we see the two of them get into some shenanigans again this season.

Does Zoe back a triumphant return to Bluebell?

I wouldn't call it triumphant. I can tell you that we open with her in New York, so we'll have to see if she comes back.

Hart of Dixie season 3 premieres on Monday, October 7 at 8 pm ET on the CW.

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