'Hart of Dixie' Roundup: Watch the New Promo and Meet the New Characters for Season 2
'Hart of Dixie' Roundup: Watch the New Promo and Meet the New Characters for Season 2
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When Hart of Dixie last left off, Zoe Hart found herself in an awkward dilemma as George walked away from his wedding to Lemon and finally professed his love for Zoe, just after she hooked up with Wade. Fans should learn more about this inevitable love triangle in season 2 but for now, here's a sneak peek at what's to come:

Spoiler Warning: This video contains possible spoilers for season 2!

Some highlights from the video:

-Wade wants to continue hooking up with Zoe.
-George finds out that Zoe slept with Wade.
-Wade and Zoe rate their sexual encounter.
-There's a big fight between Wade and George.
-Lemon seems really pissed at Zoe for "ruining her life."
Hart of Dixie returns for its sophomore season on The CW with a new timeslot beginning October 2. The series will now air every Tuesday at 8pm instead of Mondays at 9pm. But the timeslot isn't the only thing new about the upcoming season. Fans can also expect a lot of new faces in Bluebell.

Casting News

According to TV Line, The Newsroom actress Kelen Coleman has been cast as a potential love interest for George. Coleman's character, Presley, is described as pretty yet tomboyish. Additionally, The Huffington Post revealed that country singer  Laura Bell Bundy has signed on to play yet another love interest for Scott Porter's character.  Bundy, who is also credited for Legally Blonde: The Musical on Broadway, is set to appear on the October 16 episode.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter has learned that veteran actor Charlie Robinson will play Sgt. Jeffries, a recurring character in season 2. Jeffries is the grandfather of Ruby Jeffries (Golden Brooks), who comes back in town to deal with unresolved issues with some Bluebell residents, specifically Lavon and Lemon.

Also returning to Bluebell is Tancy, the ex-wife of Wade. TV Line reports that Mircea Monroe will be appearing for multiple episodes .

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