'Hart of Dixie' Recap: This Means War
'Hart of Dixie' Recap: This Means War
Have you seen the promotions for that so-bad-it's-good film This Means War? I am not sure how, but this film and Hart of Dixie created some kind of sync up of 'war and love' energies. Whatever. They are both guilty pleasures.

Legit, the theme for this week is petty manipulation seeking our blatant desires.

Lemon's Manipulation

After being so terrible last week, Lemon is more Lemon-like this week: still annoying and Southern mean, but vulnerable and understood. Something is up with George Tucker and Lemon. They have been off since Christmas (even the characters noted that!).

Lemon did the calligraphy for her wedding invitations by herself. I am begrudgingly impressed; you wouldn't know from the Helvetica script from this blog, but my handwriting is kitchen scratch.

George is tasked with the responsibility of putting them in the mail. I'm sorry; can't he just put them in his mailbox and put the flag up or is this town too small for mailboxes? Regardless, George Tucker lost them because of his weird guy funk. A gunk, if you will.

And of course, his conflict comes not from losing the invitations, but from losing Lemon, sort of. George is having doubts about the wedding. He should, too, since Lemon is mute about her mother and distant.

Lemon admits to her dad that her loser mother is only a few towns over. Lemon feels lost, more than ever. But George comforts her when Daddy Doctor lets it slip.

Lavon is Too Nice

Lavon Hayes is happy! Oh no -- I'm worried. Therein lies the conflict: Lavon is happy. Lavon doesn't manipulate anyone; he sacrifices himself in vain. Let's back up.

Lavon and Didi are happy in their nascent stage of dating. They are all set to go to the Sweetie Pie dance, until Lavon sees Didi's ex-husband wooing her. So he drops it, in self-preservation, mainly. Didi, while helping George, kindly and cutely tells Lavon that she and her ex are over. So ... cut later to Didi and Lavon consummating their relationship (how cute is Didi here?), and Didi figures out that Lavon and Lemon used to be a thing.

Psychological Warfare

The latest development in the Wade vs. Zoe sexual tension is the psychological warfare the two engage in at the Sweetie Pie when Zoe attempts to date Judson.

Of the Judson remarks, these are my favorite. Wade: "The guy is Boredsville, USA." "He reminds me of a mute Rob Lowe." Rose is just too awesome.

And to Wade: "Go away." Rose is awesome. And she gives Zoe advice and is such a sad little misfit; luckily, she has Zoe as a friend. Even if Zoe is ignoring her in this episode.

Wade is messing with Zoe in every way possible. Locks her in the house, steals her phone, messes with her radio preferences. He is acting like an eighth grader with a crush -- probably because he is one.

In turn, Zoe messes with Wade's hussie; she and Wade have masked sexual tension that amounts to a lot.

Holy crap! The show went there. Wade really likes Zoe. But it is a psych-out since it is just a way to further mess with her. Oh, well -- no one would like these two if they were not sniping. It is part of Rachel Bilson's appeal (remember Seth and Summer? I'm getting nostalgic at this).

Also, notice the lack of medicine this episode? Zoe just stitches up Rose. Notice how it doesn't really matter? That the show is actually better without medicine? Yeah. Hopefully the show has more episodes like these to come.

Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer

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