'Harper's Island' Star Says Killer "Wasn't Possible to Predict"
As the mystery and tension escalate on Harper's Island, practically everyone is getting hooked.  That is, including the show's stars.  Filming the series with the fate of their characters unknown, the actors on the show knew it was going to be an exciting endeavor.  What made the experience more intense was guessing who the killer is.

On an interview with TV Guide, Adam Campbell discussed his role as the outsider Cal Vandeusen as well as what goes on behind the scenes of the hit series.

It was a surprise to many how Adam Campbell landed his part on the TV thriller, since his background veered towards comedy.  Apparently, they wanted Cal to be the show's comic relief.

"Cal is an English doctor and from the very beginning he's viewed as not really fitting in-- he's an outsider," Campbell said.  "It's not just because he's foreign, but because he's different from the other guys.  He's got sort of loser tendencies."

Ever the funnyman, Campbell joked about his hanging upside-down scene on the recent episode of Harper's Island.  "Did you know that hanging upside-down is actually supposed to be a cure for baldness?  They say it stimulates the hair follicles.  In reality, it was one of the most painful things I've ever done because all the blood rushes to your head.  It seemed to last about two days but it was only probably a couple of hours.  But my hair has never been thicker!"

As for the next installment of the show, Campbell revealed that it was going to be the bachelor/bachelorette party for the happy couple.  "From Cal's point of view, it becomes more and more apparent that he doesn't fit in with this crowd," the actor said.  "There's this fishing trip and he isn't invited on it, so he feels quite left out."

He added: "There is this rivalry between Cal and Sully centering around [Cal's girlfriend] Chloe, and that becomes more apparent in this episode."

While we're getting closer and closer to finding out just who the Harper's Island killer is, Campbells' lips are sealed: "All I'll say is it wasn't possible to predict.  Anything else I could say will give something away. Um, it was Freddy Krueger!"

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide
(Image Courtesy of CBS)