'Harper's Island' Episode 4: Who's Going to Die?
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BuddyTV Users' Picks:
-9.54 percent of users think Sean Rogerson will be die
-9.30 percent of users think Chris Gauthier will die
-9.18 percent of users think David Lewis will die

BuddyTV Expert Henry Jenkins' Picks:
1 Matt Barr
2 David Lewis
3 Brandon Jay McLaren

The same as usual. Jim Beaver is leading the investigation. He may eventually come to a 'dead end' in the case but his storyline is only just beginning at this point. Elaine Cassidy, Katie Cassidy and Christopher Gorham can't be touched. I defy the showrunner to prove me wrong. Cameron Richardson is very safe for now, too. We obviously still have more to discover about Dean Chekvala, Richard Burgi and C.J. Thomason, too. Adam Campbell could conceivably die but I really don't see it yet.

On the Bubble:
One high profile name who's on the bubble is Ben Cotton, who has yet to convince me that he's anything more than a sacrificial lamb, being cultivated from birth to make a fine slaughter come the harvest. There are a lot of characters who seem completely expendable, at this point. Only one person died last week and that means there's a log jam. At some point we need to have some high kill total weeks. Sean Rogerson, Gina Holden, Chris Gauthier, Brandon Jay McClaren, Beverley Elliot, Amber Borycki and Ali Liebert seem more or less equally obscure so far and that means any of them could go another week or two without even having a line. But by the same token any of them could be headed to the glue factory once the killer decides to stop horsing around and paste the entire group. (Okay - I think I've run out of farming metaphors.)

Death Watch:
There's a shorter list of names, though. If we're going to lose at least one character we know by name, whose death would mean more than a random pastor or Cousin Sam, there are only a few who are at all expendable. I think they key is to look for whose storyline seems to be over as opposed to who stands to serve a vital role in the future. Matt Barr has now lost the battle for Cameron Richardson's Chloe and he doesn't seem likely to get back in the game for her - oh, who are we kidding? - loins. Having already gotten his comeuppance he's now free to make a high profile exit. David Lewis is absolutely asking for it in horror movie terms by enjoying inflicting sadistic pleasure on others for sexual purposes. Not only does sex = death in slasher flicks but the killer is going to want to return the favor. Of the more random people who could die Chris Gauthier and Brandon Jay McLaren stand out. They're likable and that makes them more dramatic kills, but they're still very expendable.

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-Henry Jenkins, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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