'Harper's Island' Bride to Play Bisexual Character on 'Melrose Place'

While Harper's Island isn't done with its famed 13 episodes, the stars of the series are already moving on to bigger projects.  Actress Katie Cassidy has long been tapped to play a role in the upcoming Melrose Place spin-off on the CW.  What's a little exciting about the character she's going to play is that she's bisexual.  It's quite some turnout for someone who plays a bride-to-be on the CBS mystery thriller.

For the updated version of Melrose Place, Cassidy has been pegged to portray Ella Sims, an acid-tongued publicist who enjoys fancy clothes and is open about her bisexuality.  What's more, she's in a casual relationship with her fellow apartment-dweller David (Shaun Sipos).

During an interview with E! last month, Katie Cassidy admitted that she was thrilled to play the character.  She described the character as "unsure of her sexual preference," and that it really was "going to be fun to play her."

The new Melrose Place focuses on a group of twenty-something adults living together in a swanky Los Angeles apartment complex.  Apparently, it's going to have a murder-mystery twist as well.

It sounds like something exactly up Katie Cassidy's alley, since she's gained so much experience with suspense on Harper's Island and Supernatural.  Even so, she'll be one of the outstanding personalities on the upcoming CW show because of who she plays.  Cassidy said that Ella will be sometimes funny, and of course always stylish.

In addition to her roles on Harper's Island and the new Melrose Place, Katie Cassidy has also been chosen for a part in Wes Craven's remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street.  She will be playing a character named Kris, joining actors like Clancy Brown and Jackie Earle Haley.  The film is expected to hit theaters on April of 2010.

The Harper's Island star seems to be leaning towards the genres of suspense flicks and television thrillers, with her credentials boasting of stints on 2006's Black Christmas and 2008's Taken.  However, Katie Cassidy is certainly working on being a versatile actress.  With her role in Melrose Place, she'll definitely be someone to watch out for.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Examiner, Icon Vs. Icon, The CW
(Image Courtesy of CBS)