'Hannibal' Recap: A Dinner Party Feast Requires a Killing Spree
'Hannibal' Recap: A Dinner Party Feast Requires a Killing Spree
Carla Day
Carla Day
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After the re-emergence of the Chesapeake Ripper and confirmation that he took Miriam, Jack is determined more than ever to find him. He's pulling Will out of the lecture hall and into crime scenes with little to no regard for his mental well-being. There's a new series of killings, is the Ripper responsible?

Background on the Chesapeake Ripper

"Sorbet" opened with Will giving a lecture on the Chesapeake Ripper. The Ripper killed in groups of three that were referred to as "sounders of 3" in reference to a small group of pigs. The killer didn't see them as people or prey, but as pigs.

The Ripper removed the organs and clearly had some kind of anatomical knowledge. The last victim attributed to him was Miriam but she was the only one whose body wasn't found until her arm appeared two years after her disappearance.

Will said the that Chesapeake Ripper was "consistently theatrical" and then the episode cut to Hannibal sitting at an opera.

Serial Killer on the Loose?

Jack and his team got called in to investigate a murder that was similar to the Chesapeake Ripper. Zeller was convinced it was the work of the Ripper due to the 22 positive signature components. Will believed it was similar, but not the work of the Ripper.

The killer wasn't trying to kill the victim, rather he was trying to save him. It was a back alley surgery gone bad situation. Will was closer to the truth regarding the bath tub death. It was an organ harvesting that went bad. 

They tracked down the killer through the ambulance that he was using to do the procedures. But, that didn't account for the other killings that followed. Will Silvestre be blamed for all the deaths?

Disturbing Relationships Between Patients and Doctors

If there is supposed to be a line between a therapist and their patient, that was shown to be regularly obliterated. Hannibal's patient, Franklin, has an obsession on the doctor. He was transfixed on Hannibal at the opera. And, then also appeared at the same cheese shop.

Franklin wants to be Hannibal's friend, which the doctor attributed to his desire to not be alone. Meanwhile, Hannibal has a similar relationship with his own psychiatrist. They drink wine together and he continues to see her even after she's retired.

In a weird way, Hannibal has the reverse relationship with Will. He wants to be both doctor and confidant. When Will missed his appointment, Hannibal didn't just let it go and ask Will about it at their next appointment, he went and tracked him down. Obsessed.

That was further demonstrated when Hannibal had Alana over at his house. He wanted to get more scoop on Will and even Jack. These relationships are unhealthy and intrusive. Though, Hannibal also wants to remain on the inside of the investigation to protect his own guilt.

Hannibal's a Killer and a Cannibal

For the first time, Hannibal's process was revealed. He has a recipe box full of delicious meals to make with traditional meat products and an old-school Rolodex of potential human sources of meat.

He would select a recipe, pick the best suited victim, kill for the meat, harvest the necessary ingredients, prepare the meat, and then freeze it in this case for his upcoming dinner party feast.

He repeated the process over and over until he had sufficient food for his dinner party. He's methodical in his meat acquirement process, just like he is in preparing his food.

And, this time, he got away with it by piggybacking on a death that was already being investigated. Is that why he hadn't had a dinner party in a while? He didn't have the means to hide his kills?

At least he warned his guests about the meal, "Nothing here is vegetarian." Nothing was wasted.

Hannibal's intelligent enough to switch up his killing methods to mirror those of other killers as he did with Hobbes, Silvestre, and certainly others. Is he really the Chesapeake Killer? Or was this another case of him using another serial killer to protect his own identity?

He opened himself up to discovery by making the phone calls to Jack and leaving Miriam's arm. Will he try to outwit the investigation further by reintroducing the Chesapeake Killer? It's a dangerous game that Hannibal is playing.

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