Miley Cyrus Gives a Sneak Peek of 'Hannah Montana: The Movie'
Miley Cyrus Gives a Sneak Peek of 'Hannah Montana: The Movie'
Hannah Montana: The Movie is no doubt one of the most anticipated films in 2009, and headlining the whole phenomenon is teen sensation Miley Cyrus.  Of course, she's also excited that she's taking the franchise to the big screen.  That's why the 16-year-old star went on her way to offer a little peek at her upcoming project.

On the preview clip, Miley gives a few words about Hannah Montana: The Movie, dropping a few names here and there as well.  She's revealed that Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts will be appearing on the movie, in addition to her character's new love interest.  Other than footage of the movie, there's also a bit of behind-the-scenes clips as a bit of a teaser. 

Below, you'll get to watch Miley shoot several scenes, such as her performance on stage and more. The actress/singer even let slip a plot detail.  “In Hannah Montana: The Movie, basically my character always had the best of both worlds,” Cyrus said, “but she'll have to choose just one.” 

“In her first big screen adventure, Hannah is headed to a place you've never seen before - her family home in Tennessee!” 

Despite the pitiable quality of the clip, you'll still get to hear Miley introduce the much awaited Hannah Montana: The Movie.  There would've been a better version of the preview, but apparently The Walt Disney Company wasn't too keen on putting it online. 

You might have been distracted by the over-exposed pixels and the blur, but there's no mistaking Vanessa Williams appearing beside Hannah Montana on some of those scenes.  The Stewart family's home in Tennessee is looking pretty good too, and even Jason Earles agrees that the locations are beautiful.  Oh, and the songs don't seem as bad either.

Brand new tunes will surely be featured, in addition to dancing and, as one star jokes, “horseback riding.”  Favorite characters from the Hannah Montana series returns, like Emily Osment, Mitchel Musso and Billy Ray Cyrus.  Come April 10, fans will definitely be heading to their theaters for Hannah Montana: The Movie.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Disney, Ace Showbiz
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