Hannah Montana: One Really Unlucky Miley
Hannah Montana: One Really Unlucky Miley
Maybe Friday the 13th came a little bit later for Hannah Montana star, Miley Cyrus.  She recently got involved in a couple of incidents that prove that the fates are (un)fair to everyone, famous celebrity or not. 

Miley's first brush with misfortune this week came during her V-day appearance on British television.  While performing her new single, “Fly on the Wall,” for the crowd, she accidentally forgot the lyrics to the second verse.  Cyrus even turned to face a back-up dancer during the show, mouthing the sentence “I forgot the words.”  However, she got over the mistake quickly and finished the song.

Below is the video showing Miley's performance of “Fly on the Wall.”  Honestly, you can't really blame her.  She may be a 16-year-old juggernaut of the entertainment industry, but she's still human.

Now, the second bit of Miley's unlucky streak is about her Twitter account being hacked.  She seemed to be genuinely addicted to the Internet phenomenon, until some prankster got enough attention from the Twitter maintenance.  Soon enough, it caused Miley's account to be “suspended due to strange activity.”

If you're curious, some of the comments listed on the Miley's Twitter were captured here.  None of them even spell the star's name correctly. 

Coincidentally, the Hannah Montana actress was currently heard saying that she does get “told off” by her parents occasionally.  She might just hear from them soon, because it seems like she's not being careful these days, especially since she knows the media's eyeing her every move.  Still, her popularity doesn't excuse her from mom and dad's warnings, and her older brother Trace keeps her in check as well.

“Yeah [I do still get told off].  And my brother will give me a beating if I'm being a brat to my mom because he's such a momma's boy,” Miley admitted. 

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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