Hannah Montana: Miley's Cameo on 'Sex and the City' a Go?
Hannah Montana: Miley's Cameo on 'Sex and the City' a Go?
We reported weeks ago that the 16-year-old Hannah Montana star is in talks to appear on the sequel to the Sex and the City movie, but not a lot of you commented on that possibility.  Let me just say, how very Miley of you all.

It was doubtful that the rumor is indeed true, despite Miley Cyrus admitting to being a fan of the HBO series.  Lately she's kept mum about the whole deal, particularly when she zipped her lips when MTV News caught up with her during her tour.

Sources close to the production have revealed that the Disney princess might just hit New York to film her cameo for the film, which is currently in production.  When asked about her Sex and the City involvement, Miley asked her publicist: "Can we talk about that?"

When there was no go-signal, the Hannah Montana star merely said, "Ah, zipped tight."

But this week, Gossipcop had some words that the musician might consider using.  An exclusive report confirms the news that she will indeed have a role on the Sex and the City sequel, playing herself.

The current script for the film states that Miley will be in a scene with Kim Catrall's character.  The two of them find that they're wearing the same dress to a red carpet event, since Samantha Jones bought an outfit to look "hot and young."

The outspoken Anthony (Mario Cantone) spots the two and exclaims "Mother of God:  She is wearing the same dress as Hannah Montana."  Despite that, Miley Cyrus doesn't have any lines so far.

The report goes on to say that all of this is still in the planning phase as of now, but Miley's people are doing their best to make it happen . Even though she's currently on tour, she might just make a stop at New York to film the Sex and the City sequel.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Gossipcop.com, MTV News
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