Hannah Montana: Miley Talks Twitter, Rap and Pole-Dancing
Hannah Montana: Miley Talks Twitter, Rap and Pole-Dancing
Just from that headline, you can already spot a lot of controversies skipping happily behind Miley Cyrus as she makes her way through life.  Well, they're actually why she's trying her best to keep her whole life private these days.  The Hannah Montana star made an appearance at Wisconsin's Kiss 103.7 radio recently and gave her thoughts on these "important" issues she's facing right now.

First off, there's the deletion of her Twitter account.  She performed a rap saying goodbye to the networking site, no longer updating her account because she needs some space.  And she made it clear that the whole deal is not because of her The Last Song co-star Liam Hemsworth.

The reason, Miley said, is that she is over Twitter at last.  "Oh my god!  The world's coming to an end!" she exclaimed when asked about the issue.  "I was kind of just like over tweeting about what I was doing instead of actually doing it."

She explained, "I complained that I wanted my private life more private but I'm the one who is giving people access to what I think and feel."

And wow, she finally learned that lesson.  After two million fans followed her on Twitter and even more Tweets from the girl, it dawns on her.

The rap she made for that world-changing event was sort of an indication of what path she'll be taking from now on.  "It's actually my new career," she said.  "I'm actually switching to that.  When I tell people I'm doing a new sound, I'm actually going into rap!"

Anyway, another issue that the 16-year-old pop star tackled was that supposedly notorious pole dance performed at the Teen Choice Awards.  It was for her song, "Party in the USA" and caused a bit of a frenzy among parents worried their kids would imitate her.

Miley maintains that it was all for entertainment, and it was even in the script.  "I'm an entertainer," she said.  "If I stood up there and just sat by a microphone and there was nothing going on, it would just be like boring to me."  She also differentiates herself from the "bubbly and cutesy" Hannah image she was pinned to.

"I've never claimed to be like you know the sugar-coated artist," she said.  "I kind of do you know what I feel goes with the song and you know whether people like it that's great and if they don't that's who I am so, they don't have to be a fan."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: MTV.com
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