Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus Won't Star in 'Rock of Ages' Movie Yet, But Might
Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus Won't Star in 'Rock of Ages' Movie Yet, But Might
If there's one thing rumors are good for, it's that they can be the foundation for good ideas.  At least, that's what Rock of Ages director Adam Shankman thinks so.

There have been stories circulating that Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus would be starring in the big screen version of the hit Broadway musical.  Even though those aren't true as of now, they could be in a few months or so.

Miley Cyrus has been a fan of Rock of Ages ever since she watched the performance.  She even visited the actors backstage, and they later appeared for her 80s-themed party in New York City.  It was her 17th birthday, and her mother surprised her with a rock-and-roll bash.

The next thing we know, Hairspray director Adam Shankman's already cooking up ideas.  He's also her producer for The Last Song, so it certainly looks like these two are bound to work together on another project.  Some time in the future, that is.

"It's way too soon," Shankman told E! Online during the Dizzy Feet Foundation event.  He had also considered casting other actors, but the news about Miley Cyrus definitely stood out.

"I love it, though," he went on.  "She went to see the show and she loved it and then I had to email her and say, 'I hear you're starring in my movie.  Fantastic!  Congratulations!'  It was just so crazy.  She saw the show and that was all."

Unfortunately, Miley Cyrus rep denied the 16-year-old star's involvement in the project.  Again, it's too early to say so.  Whether or not we'll be seeing the Disney princess don giant hair wigs is still unclear, but surely the fans are anticipating it.

Until then, just catch the Hannah Montana star on her show and on the upcoming flick The Last Song, as well as in her cameo in the second Sex and the City movie.

Source: E! Online
(Image Courtesy of MTV News)