Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus Spotted Hugging New "Mate"
Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus Spotted Hugging New "Mate"
Before we think this is another report about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, it'd be best to turn your head towards the photo and look.  The Hannah Montana star recently revealed that she got a new puppy, naming it "Mate."  Apparently, it's because her Australian boyfriend uses the word most of the time.

The 17-year-old pop sensation and her pup had a great weekend together, according to Miley's official blog.  She was even awakened by affectionate kisses from her dog that morning.  Cyrus received the pet as a birthday present and has been taking care of him since then.

"Had an awesome day!" Miley exclaimed last Sunday.  "Slept in until my puppy Mate woke me up with kisses @ 10:30!"

Afterwards, the star got together for some coffee with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus and their pets.  "Daddy and I caught up on so much stuff! It was so refreshing to enjoy the LA sun with my papa!" she wrote.

As for the rest of her fun weekend, she spent most of her time with her puppy Mate.  Several sites photographed her carrying it around, as she hung out with some of her friends.

The Hannah Montana star went on, "Its so great that Mate is a puppy so I can ta[k]e him everywhere but it won't be long until he's his full size! He's a german shepard and will get up to 125 lbs!"

She's not in any hurry to watch him grow up though.  For now, Miley is just enjoying the time she has with the puppy Mate.  "Ahhh!  It'll be a bit more difficult to fit him in my Prius haha!" she added.

Later that day, Miley announced that she was having dinner with the family.  Joining them was, of course, her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.  Her dad and sister Noah were also around for the evening, and as expected, Mate was there waiting for his dish too.

Source: Miley Cyrus' Official Site
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