Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus' Rise to Stardom Featured on E!
Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus' Rise to Stardom Featured on E!
Among the young celebrities gaining more and more fame these days is Hannah Montana's Miley Cyrus, whose story was documented on a special for E! True Hollywood Story.  She joined the ranks of Zac Efron, Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers, getting a half-hour segment on the themed feature, “Young Hollywood: From A to Zac.”  

The documentary chronicled the emergence of these superstars, and Miley was top of the list.  “Young Hollywood” covered her early work in the entertainment industry, from her family's involvement to her own steps into the limelight.  Miley Cyrus' country singer father, Billy Ray, was mentioned in relation to her small part in Doc, which marked the starlet's foray into performing. 

The Hannah Montana star admitted that she got her exposure from her dad, since she accompanied him on tours from the age of three.  She got the acting bug, making her television debut at the age of 9.  She had a tough time getting roles then, that is, until her big break with Disney. 

Another feature of the “Young Hollywood” special was Miley's first failure to get her titular role in Hannah Montana, as well as her later success in convincing the producers that she was perfect for the part.  Of course, the segment just had to include her participation in the racy photo scandal with Vanity Fair.

As a teen role model, Miley Cyrus has a lot to live up to.  Comments from acting coach Gary Spatz and many others prove how kids look up to these celebrities and learn from them.  In a variety of ways, stars like Miley Cyrus teach young dreamers about what they can do to change the world. 

“The kids look at them, not just because they have great music, but because they're junior entrepreneurs,” said Ann Donahue, Senior Editor of Billboard magazine.  “They're very smart business people.”

Below, you can see two video clips from “Young Hollywood: From A to Zac” showcasing Miley Cyrus rise to popularity, as well as how she affects audiences with her work.  From perfumes to clothing lines, these young stars' fame has taken them many places, especially into the heads of many kids idolizing them. 

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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