Hannah Montana: Did Miley Cyrus Have Swine Flu or Not?
Hannah Montana: Did Miley Cyrus Have Swine Flu or Not?
There's still no rest regarding the swine flu epidemic, and the reps of one Hannah Montana star are in conflict about her situation.  Miley Cyrus was recently diagnosed with strep throat when she canceled her worldwide tour, but there's been plenty of buzz saying her condition was more than that.

Miley's rep denied that the 16-year-old popstar fell victim to the H1N1 disease.  However, her Hannah Montana co-stars didn't seem to agree.  Cody Linley, who plays her love interest on the show, spoke with the Reelz Channel's Hollywood Dailies this week and announced the news.

"I spoke with her the day that she canceled the tour," Linley revealed.  "She said she felt really bad, she just didn't understand what was happening, but she just got really sick and had to run offstage because things were just, like, on her heart, too heavy."

That didn't worry anyone yet, but the actor's next sentence felt like a bomb being dropped on the PR people of Miley Cyrus.  "Then the next day she told me she had the swine flu," he explained.

This caused yet another statement from the reps of Miley, released to E! News.  "Miley never had the swine flu, doesn't have the swine flu, is not sick and has a concert tonight," it said.

During the time Miley acquired "strep throat," she ran off the stage because she didn't feel so well but ended up returning to finish her performance.  She's apparently ready for even more concerts scheduled this week, which definitely indicates that she's well enough to work again.

However, it's hard to doubt Cody Linley, especially since he does share the same publicist as Miley Cyrus herself.  Whether or not the Hannah Montana starlet really did acquire the H1N1 virus is still a mystery, but she wouldn't exactly risk her fans' and her own health by pushing through with concerts if she's sick, would she?

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: E! Online, Reelz Channel
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