Moises Arias as Rico

Rico of Disney Channel's massive hit series, Hannah Montana is played by Moises Arias. Rico has a number of nicknames, including Mini Me, Lonely Little Munchkin, Little Devil, Teeny Weenie Meanie and Shortstack. Very manipulative and spoiled by his father, Rico is an annoying and very intelligent boy. His father owns Rico's Surf Shop, where Jackson Stewart works. As a bright kid, he practically is in charge of the shop, except when dealing with the money, as his father handles that aspect of the business.

Lactose intolerant, Rico is proud of his Latino heritage, and is very interested in Tango. He skipped a few grades and in season 2, he entered Miley and Jackson's school. He has photographic memory, and seemed to recognize Miley's talents as very alike with Hannah Montana's. When he shared this with Miley, Lilly and Oliver, they just laughed and he replied, "Yeah, what was I thinking?"

Rico keeps a monkey in his locker, as it helped him in his schemes and selling snow cones. During the first day of school Miley offered to kiss Rico on the cheek but he purposely turned his head and her kiss landed on his lips.

(Photo courtesy of Disney Channel)