'Grimm' Season 2 'The Good Shepherd' Clip: Monroe Goes Undercover
'Grimm' Season 2 'The Good Shepherd' Clip: Monroe Goes Undercover
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Grimm Season 2 gets under way again this Friday at 8pm with an episode called 'The Good Shepherd' and judging from the latest preview video, it looks like Monroe is specially qualified to help Nick and Hank with this case. 

Here's what we know from the clip:

"That's like a recipe for lunch."

In the video, introduced by Silas Weird Mitchell (who plays Monroe on the show), we find out that Nick and Hank are on a case involving a new group of Wesen called Seelenguten. The Seelenguten are members of a church being led by a, get this, Blutbad. As Monroe says, "That's like a recipe for lunch." Gotta love a man...er I mean a Blutbad who has a way with words. 

"It takes one to know one."

Seems the Blutbad in charge of the church is claiming to be reformed now, so maybe his parishioners aren't in mortal danger. But Nick wants to be sure and claiming "it takes one to know one," wants to send Monroe in on an undercover mission to go check out his fellow Blutbad. 

Will Monroe be in danger?

Our favorite friendly Wesen seems to be all for jumping on board this mission but he was also the one who said that the Seelenguten can be dangerous creatures. Though he mentions that they're not known for being violent, he does say that they can get into a "herd mentality," which is pretty scary. Even a bunch of docile cattle can become dangerous if the herd starts to stampede. So what if someone in the group gets the idea that Monroe is a danger to them? Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. 

Hank is still adjusting to life as a Grimm's sidekick

Nick's partner may have embraced the idea of Wesen and even accepted that some of the people he knows are not exactly human, but it looks like he's still going through an adjustment phase. I guess I can't really blame the guy. He's known Monroe for a while, but now he has to start thinking of him as a Blutbad and not just some regular schmo. That would be a lot for anyone to take and overall I'd say he's handling all this new information pretty well. 

Don't forget to catch the return of Grimm this Friday, September 28 at 8pm. 

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