'Grimm' Recap: When Pigs and Wolves Attack
'Grimm' Recap: When Pigs and Wolves Attack
This week on Grimm, the Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolves have a long, bad history. Their connection is tied to a possible arson investigation, which also reveals more information about Monroe's past.

Up in Flames

When a man, Hap, narrowly escapes his house exploding into flames, it's revealed that his brother died a month ago when his own house caught on fire. Coincidence or planned attacks? Hap does owe a lot of money to various people.

But the arson investigator rules out foul play, and that corroded wires, propane leaks and more could've caused the fires -- anything is possible.

Hap actually knows Monroe, who picks up Hap at the station -- they apparently have history as they were in a treatment program together.

All Connected

At Monroe's place, a mysterious person on a motorcycle arrives, as does Nick later on. As Nick pulls up to Monroe's place, a Blutbad attacks him through his car window. The two wrestle but the woman retreats quickly when she realizes he's a Grimm. Turns out that Hap and the woman, Angelina, are brother and sister, and she's also Monroe's ex-girlfriend.

Angelina can't control her wolf-like tendencies, while Hap is so far removed from that part of her.

No Escaping Death This Time

Monroe promises to keep an eye on Hap in case someone tries to come after him after failing the first time. But Angelina tempts him to run with her into the woods, where they turn into their Blutbad counterparts, chasing after each other, and then afterward, falling asleep in the woods.

The next morning when Hap answers the front door at Monroe's house, he's shot four times by a pig-faced creature. It was the same one that attacked Nick while he was poking around inside Angelina's house the night before.

Family Feuds

At about the same time, Nick and Angelina figure out who killed the two brothers -- separately. Angelina goes back to her house and uses her sense of smell to figure out it's one of the pigs -- a Bauerschwein. Meanwhile, Nick finds out another case of two brothers being killed, who happen to be related to Orson, the station's arson investigator. They believe Angelina killed the officer's two brothers, and now the officer killed her two brothers for revenge.

Getting Away

Nick confronts the officer, who tells him to stay out of it because the Grimm and Bauerschweins have gotten along all this time. Angelina goes to the police station to find Orson and attacks another officer. When Nick and Hank find out Angelina's house was torched, they go their separate ways -- Nick goes to Orson's, and Hank goes to Angelina's.

At Orson's, Nick wants to arrest the officer, but Angelina shows up. Orson and Angelina are fighting each other, when Nick hits her in the back -- which he learned to do from his Grimm book. But when Angelina starts going after Nick, Orson pulls his weapon and shoots her. He wants to pull the trigger again, but Nick hits it away. In that split second, Angelina has gotten away.

Nick runs outside, where she's nowhere to be seen. He calls Monroe, enlisting his help, but he won't. And she's never coming back.

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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