'Grimm' Recap: Nick vs. Adalind Smackdown
'Grimm' Recap: Nick vs. Adalind Smackdown
This week on Grimm, Captain Renard and Adalind's plan to get to Nick is fast-forwarded, thanks to the news from his cousin that the family isn't happy with the way he's been handling things -- it ends with the captain killing two people, including his cousin.

Double Date Gone Bad

When Nick realizes that the Hexenbiest who tried to to kill Aunt Marie is the woman Hank is smitten for, the reveal is priceless, a moment we'd all been waiting for. He gets flashbacks of that moment in the hotel room. I feel sorry for Adalind because she's "wooing" Hank while trying to impress her mother -- and the captain, but I get the feeling he's only using her to get what he wants.

Om Nom Nom...

Sgt. Wu meanwhile is cracking me up, pretty much eating everything in sight -- chapstick (which Nick catches him doing), coins -- but he's denying it! He does so nonchalantly, like there's nothing wrong with eating change from the vending machine. But he faints at the police station, after complaining of stomach problems and then admitting that he's gained some weight.

Too Little Too Late?

Nick enlists the help of Rosalee and Monroe, who are both still spending time together it seems -- very platonically. Rosalee's even teaching Monroe a thing or two about the Grimm world! And we thought he knew everything.

At first Rosalee and Monroe believe Hank may have eaten something that wasn't intended for him, but after Wu faints, they quickly realize it's him.

Rosalee creates a potion that will rid Wu of the spell and are on their way to help Hank. But Adalind had invited Hank over to her place -- where things are supposed to go down. When Nick, Rosalee and Monroe get there they find Hank in bed, with Adalind nowhere to be found.

Are they too late?

Fight to the Finish

Rosalee checks Hank's eye, which is bloodshot. He's been compromised! The only way for him to return to normal is for the Hexenbeist to get the blood of a Grimm, and the evil soul will leave Hank. So Nick is off to find Adalind, who calls Nick, threatening him to bring Aunt Marie's key.

So this is the moment we've all been waiting for -- and other than a couple seconds, I'm left feeling a little empty. The two get into a decent fight, and Nick kisses her while they're both down, and she bites him, making his blood gush out.

And then it's a little scary when her evil soul leaves her body, and Hank wakes up.

All Alone

But that's it? The buildup was slow, when you consider it as the course of the season, and it was concluded way too fast and too easily.

But Adalind didn't die, only her evil soul left her body. And her not having a purpose in life, and being ordinary, was an interesting moment I wasn't expecting. Now mom's disappointed, and so is the captain.

How will he destroy Nick now?

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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