'Grimm' Recap: 'Grimm' Reaper Returns ... And There Are Two!
'Grimm' Recap: 'Grimm' Reaper Returns ... And There Are Two!
This week on Grimm, the death of a construction worker leads Nick to the creature world, when a beaver is afraid to come forward after witnessing a crime. Meanwhile, Monroe comes over to Nick and Juliette's for dinner and hilarity -- for us, the viewers.

Can You Pass the Salt?

I was a little bummed not to see Rosealee in this episode at all, but that's alright because we got enough Nick/Monroe to make up for it! Their bromance takes another step forward. They're not only meeting up at sunrise in the woods as Monroe helps Nick become familiar with his Grimm weaponry, but Juliette wants him over for dinner. He did save her life, so it makes sense.

But Nick isn't too keen on the idea at first since his friendship with Monroe isn't all that normal -- they'll have to explain how they met, which will lead to who Monroe actually is and Nick's big secret. But then he comes to his senses, and they both agree that the best lies have some form of truth to them.

Dinner seems to be going well. For a second I thought they were just two normal men talking about how one helps the other solve crimes! But then their stories start to get mixed up, which leads to a lot of stares across the table, and I thought are they going to get caught?! But Juliette seemed more confused than suspicious. Or, she did know they were lying and just didn't call them out on it.

Channeling His Inner Grimm

It was a great scene when Nick visits where all the beaver creatures meet to convince the witness to come forward. I know he's a cop and it's in his nature to save/protect, but when he was giving his speech to them about not having to be scared -- I really believed him! Nick's been getting more in tune with his Grimm side, and it's making him stronger and more confident. It really feels like he's coming into his own now as a Grimm.

I never would've thought a couple episodes ago he could've taken out a reaper, but he does. Two of them!

The reapers are summoned by the killer, who realizes that one of the two cops who visited him in his office is a Grimm. In a scene where he's essentially turning himself in for the murder, he's instead setting Nick up to be seen by the reapers, who follow Nick and the beavers later at night.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

After taking them out with relative ease, Nick calls on -- who else? -- Monroe to help with the scene. Nick decides he should send a message with these killings, that they can send the reapers after him, and he'll keep killing them. It's Monroe's idea to send a strong message by sending both heads back to where they came from. How they found out the exact address, I have no clue, but those are little details to look past in an otherwise strong, entertaining episode.

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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