'Grimm' Recap: Fight to the Finish
'Grimm' Recap: Fight to the Finish
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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In "Revelation," Grimm picks up right where we left off a little over a month ago when Nick interrupted Monroe's sudden reunion with his parents -- everyone saw each other's true identities and were about to fight to the death.

Fighting for Love

Well, no one dies of course, but everyone's feelings are hurt. Rosealee had stormed out and is at her shop bawling, Monroe's parents leave very disgusted, and Nick leaves after Monroe points out that he's only wanted for cases. Isn't that the reason Nick's at his house right now? Uh oh, bromance troubles.

Monroe goes after Rosealee, and despite her insistence that he doesn't want to ruin his relationship with his parents -- she points to herself as an example of what could happen if he does -- but he's having none of it and will marry Rosealee no matter what. The way he fights for his her is really sweet.

His parents don't seem to be coming around. After a failed talk with Monroe, they pack to leave. His mom is having second thoughts though (yay!). She doesn't end up leaving with her husband, and instead goes to Rosealee's shop, where I think they end up on good terms after a little friendly cheek to cheek rub. Maybe not quite welcome to the family yet, but it's a start.

Back Together Again

The crazy scalper makes himself known again after he -- and now his not-so-friendly sidekick -- maul a trooper that finds their illegal campground. They're making cloaks with the hair that they scalp. Super gross.

Without Monroe by his side, Nick gets help from Juliet to learn more about the killers. It's only when Juliet goes to see Rosealee about the whole Monroe and family situation, and divulges info about why Nick went to see Monroe that night, does Rosealee realize the seriousness of the matter.

After patching things u,p and with Monroe's help, they find out the scalpers make themselves known with thunder and wind (is that supposed to be scary?) and that they're really after the warrior -- and that's Nick. So they decide to draw the killers out and plan how to take them down.

Surprise Guest

These two scalpers are probably some of the toughest fighters Nick and Monroe have faced -- and then there's a third one? How many of them are there? Where are they all coming from? Why hasn't Hank been around at all?! He would definitely want to be included, especially when it comes to protecting Nick.

Anyway, the fight is looking dire for the good guys, and just at the last second -- Monroe's dad comes to the rescue! He found them. Nick is eventually able to overtake his guy and give him a taste of his own medicine.

Yes, the hair's knifed off and down he goes. The two other guys are quickly taken down as well.

Hold Hands and Sing Kumbaya

Monroe's dad can't believe who/what they were all fighting since he's heard the legend, especially with Monroe's grandfather once involved. He's amazed they knew how to fight them, and all the credit goes to Nick.

With the work done for the day, it's time for dinner, and everyone gathers around the table. Except they're all not used to being around one another in a civilized setting, and everyone goes mad and turns into their alter ego. Nick, wielding a kitchen knife, settles things down so they can all have a peaceful meal.

In other news,  Adalind's still around. She has to choose her side with the baby due soon. She trusts Renard and goes with his men to safety. She's in the middle of nowhere -- and she's screaming that her baby's coming.

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