'Grimm' Recap: Fight Club
'Grimm' Recap: Fight Club
This week on Grimm, Nick and Hank's latest case leads them to a fight club, one in which one of the rules is "Leave the human out of it." So who does Nick turn to for help? Monroe -- and things quickly escalate out of control.

Meanwhile, Juliette and Nick's third anniversary is coming up.

Kill, Kill, Kill

There's a mysterious killer who's taken the lives of an elderly couple living in the woods. Placed at the scene of the crime is a man out on parole working at a boxing gym -- but he's been MIA. The parole officer, it turns out, runs a fight club in which all of the creatures beat the crap out of each other -- for money.

I had a hard time following this story line, as entertaining as it was when Nick and Monroe get involved. First of all, I didn't understand the connection with the horses. These men riding horses "recruit" potential fighters by chasing them and roping them in -- that's how they get Monroe after he pays a visit to the bookie expressing his interest in attending one of the fights but then is actually recruited because he's a Blutbad. My question is, why the horses? Was there no other effective way?

Secondly, I didn't understand why the elderly couple had to be killed in the beginning. What purpose did they serve? Was the killer supposed to prove himself by taking innocent lives before he could be placed in the ring?

Entering the Ring ... It's Monroe!

So Monroe is forced to fight this big, beefy guy with medieval weapons. He holds his own while trying to restrain himself from turning into a Blutbad.

When Nick arrives, he offers to fight on behalf of Monroe AND himself! Without his gun! What is he thinking? Doesn't he remember the last few times he was beaten up? With Monroe by his side cheering him on (so cute), Nick fights off the bad guy long enough until a swarm of police officers arrive. Monroe quickly books it out of there.

Happy Anniversary (Or Not)

Juliette is innocently putting the laundry away, when she comes across a tiny box in Nick's sock drawer -- a tiny engagement box. Instead of pretending she never saw it, she spends her sweet old time examining it before opening it and taking it out of its cushion! Shouldn't there be some superstition against that?

But when Nick is late for dinner, calling much too late on his way back home, she goes back into the drawer to pull out the ring box. What do you think she was thinking at that time? Does she think that at one point he wanted to propose but now may have changed his mind? Is she thinking about how she'll answer if he does ask?

Getting Closer to His Secret

So far this season, Captain Renard has been mostly kept in the shadows. But this week, we get more insight. What we know is he's definitely connected to the fight club -- he's the one who created the list of fighters to recruit. And when he goes to "confession," he actually asks for the priest's wrath, which turns out to be an attack dog that took out the parole officer in the end. Intriguing, but that still doesn't really say much.

It looks like the captain's role continues to pick up, as he seems to be a focus next week, as well.

Tune in then when Nick uncovers some powerful coins -- and possibly clashes with the captain!

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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