Time for another 'Grey's Anatomy' Spin-off?
Time for another 'Grey's Anatomy' Spin-off?
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
The last article here didn’t exactly produce amicable discussion.  In fact, it kind of sowed discord more than anything, so let’s try to at least shy away from that sticky topic for today’s Grey’s Anatomy article.  From what I observe, though, there are those who would only miss TR Knight, those who would only miss Katherine Heigl, and those who would miss both.  Then there are those who openly berate the fans of the two, announcing unabashedly that they couldn’t wait to see them go.  For their part, these fans have been rather illogically branded as supporters of Isaiah Washington, who was kicked off Grey’s Anatomy after allegedly using the F-word in reference to Knight (how this issue is related to the whole Heigl and Knight leaving Grey’s is beyond me).

That being said, I can’t help but play with the possibility, however minute and far-fetched at this point, that perhaps the characters of George and Izzie might be developed enough to merit their own spin-off.  By now, it is pretty obvious that the writers of Grey’s Anatomy have been struggling to come up with a consistent series of storylines for sweet little George.  As for Izzie, it will be very, very disconcerting if she survives her condition (5 percent survival rate, anyone?).
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Of course, a spin-off can be heartbreaking and off-putting.  For instance, I’m among the legion of Grey’s Anatomy fans who wasn’t too keen on watching Private Practice right away because and only because I’m going to miss Addison (Kate Walsh) interacting with the other surgeons of Seattle Grace.

But if ever it’s true that the season 5 of Grey’s is the last time we’ll see George and Izzie, then the next best thing we can have is their own show (but now that I think about it, if Izzie were to die, the spin-off can’t really work, can it?).  It might be better, though, if the new spin-off will leave the whole medical dramedy premise to Grey’s and Private Practice.  They can still be surgeons, but somehow three similarly themed shows seem overdoing it. If George does go off to Iraq, that’s a good premise on its own.

Is George and Izzie ready for a show of their own?  But will their characters be the same if they get away from the likes of Meredith and Cristina and even Bailey?

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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