Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.22 "What a Difference a Day Makes" Recap (Page 4/4)
Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.22 "What a Difference a Day Makes" Recap (Page 4/4)
What is that idea, you ask? As if we couldn't see this from a mile away, Bailey's idea is that Izzie and Alex should get married today instead of Derek and Meredith. After all, this is Izzie's dream wedding, and the poor woman is dying, and Alex is the one that she truly loves. (She said earlier that although she'll always love Denny, Alex is who she really loves and wants to be with.). At first, Izzie thinks that Meredith is just having dark and twisty pre-wedding jitters, but then Alex, dressed in a tux pops his head in her room, and convinces her that they've got to get married.

At the church, they've got Izzie all dolled up. Cristina's hair is beautiful, by the way. Meredith asks who's going to be the maid of honor, her or Cristina, and Izzie immediately says Cristina. Alex wants Meredith to be his best man. Aww!! I always thought that Alex and Meredith were so alike. Izzie reassures Cristina that she is very maid-of-honorable since she tried to save her life.

The wedding begins and Izzie walks down the aisle. What? A TV bride walks down the aisle alone?? I'm shocked. [sarcastic] Oh phew. She's too weak to walk down by herself, so George leaps up and helps her down the aisle.

It's time for the vows, and Izzie is momentarily worried, since she didn't prepare anything. But Alex jumps in and recites kind of like the most awesome vows ever. It starts with "Today is the day my life begins," which is the same way the valedictorian's speech started. It's so beautiful and heart-felt. A bit cheesy, I guess, but you can't really escape cheesiness in wedding vows, I suppose. Basically, his speech is the perfect thing that Izzie needed to hear.

As Izzie and Alex kiss, everyone gets teary-eyed and looks fondly at their significant others. Everyone except for Cristina, who suddenly gets a sober look on her face after she sees Hunt across the room.

Back at the hospital, Alex tucks Izzie into bed again. He takes the flowers out of her hair and a good chunk of hair comes out with it. He assures her that she doesn't need her hair and that she would still look great without it. She should even shave it all off. She starts sobbing.

Here's what everyone else is doing after the wedding. Callie and Arizona finally get nekkid. Cristina takes a hammer to her ceiling fan. Meredith and Derek lie in post-coital bliss in front of the fireplace, and Meredith says, "Best non-wedding day ever!"

We cut back to the scene from the beginning of the episode, and we see that Izzie like she was in the very first scene in the episode, with the scarf on her head. She has been talking to Denny all along. She finishes her monologue to him, and then tells Denny to go away now because she wants to be alone with her husband. Alex walks in and says, "Why are you wearing that scarf?" She takes the scarf off her head to reveal the fakest bald cap I've ever seen. "My wife is so hot," Alex says, to end the episode.

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