Katherine Heigl Leaves 'Grey's Anatomy' For Good?
Katherine Heigl Leaves 'Grey's Anatomy' For Good?
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Grey's Anatomy's ordeal with Katherine Heigl, or vice versa, may soon be over. Following countless rounds of squabbles and controversies, the 31-year-old actress is reportedly close to being released from her ABC contract, according to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello. Just so you know, Heigl, who has been missing on the medical drama for who knows how long, is the one playing Izzie Stevens.
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The latest Grey's Anatomy-Katherine Heigl hullabaloo stems from the actress' supposed return on the set of the series on March 1, in which she's expected to film the final five installments of season 6. However, Heigl, who has been busy with her movie career, was a no-show.

Katherine Heigl Returns to Grey's Anatomy

While one source reveals that "was at home and ready to return to work," another insider reveals otherwise. Apparently, ABC has already been in talks with Heigl for months regarding her messy situation and the two parties have ultimately agreed on the immediate release of the actress' contract, instead of waiting for the sixth season to officially wrap up production. That means fans have already seen the last of Izzie because Heigl won't be returning to Grey's Anatomy as previously intended.

Speculations on Katherine Heigl's Short-lived Return on Grey's Anatomy

Meanwhile, ABC has yet to comment on the issue. But if this is how Grey's Anatomy plans to clean up this mess, it shouldn't really have a big impact in terms of the show's plot. Izzie's storyline has fairly convoluted the series with its soapy twists and turns--- the most outrageous of which is her visions of her dead husband Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Moreover, Izzie's other main story arcs, including her cancer and her relationship with husband Alex (Justin Chambers), have already been somewhat resolved.

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