'Grey's Anatomy': Who Should April Choose?
'Grey's Anatomy': Who Should April Choose?
Eva Des Lauriers
Eva Des Lauriers
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ABC's Grey's Anatomy returns February 27 after its epic cliff-hanger where Jackson interrupted April and Matthew's wedding to ask her to choose him, presumably ending his current relationship in the process as well. This has been a long two months wondering with whom April will possibly choose to live happily ever after (if that's even possible in the Grey's universe). This is also assuming she chooses neither and opts to stay single. Who should she choose? Let's take a closer look at the situation.

If you missed the cliffhanger, or need to be reminded, watch it here and then read on.

What Jackson Has Going For Him

Jackson is her best friend and knows her like no one else. They have been through so much together in both the hospital setting as professionals and outside as friends. He challenges her in a way that we haven't seen Matthew do yet. They also have an undeniable attraction to one another, a key element in any relationship. 

What Jackson Has Going Against Him

He is not traditional or religious in the way that April is and does not understand that huge part of her. There is also a lot of baggage that has been a part of their relationship and sordid affair, including April being overjoyed to not be pregnant with his child. Plus, he's dating one of the most obnoxious characters in Grey's history, intern Edwards (second only to Murphy), which could makes things far more complicated at the hospital. 

What Matthew Has Going For Him

As a paramedic, he understands the demands of her career. He understands the traditional and religious elements of April as well. They share similar outlooks on life and similar values.They could forge an easy and uncomplicated partnership through life together. He is also incredibly romantic (remember that amazing proposal?), providing April with what she thought she always wanted by getting married. 

What Matthew Has Going Against Him

Honestly, Matthew always seemed like more of a rebound for April after her affair with Jackson than anything else. He doesn't incite the same kind of fire in her and would likely keep her from growing into the kind of fierce surgeon and person that we all know she has the potential to be. 

If we know Grey's, there will certainly be drama and tension regardless of who she chooses. 

Grey's Anatomy returns Thursday, February 27 at 9pm on ABC. 

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