'Grey's Anatomy' Video: Watch 11 Minutes of the Alternate Reality
'Grey's Anatomy' Video: Watch 11 Minutes of the Alternate Reality
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Grey's Anatomy has featured the afterlife, a crazed gunman, flashbacks, crossovers and a musical. But this week the ABC drama is getting weirder than ever with an alternate reality episode.

In "If/Then," Meredith falls asleep wondering "what if," which leads to a world where Ellis Grey never got Alzheimer's, a fact that led to severe changes in every single character. Check out the first 11 minutes of this special episode to see everything that has changed.

In honor of these 11 minutes, here are 11 wild differences between the real world of Grey's Anatomy and the alternate reality, complete with my hypotheses for why the things are different.

Ellis Webber is the Chief: First, Ellis is alive and seems to have a good relationship with Meredith. Second, Ellis is the chief who is acquiring another hospital and who won a third Harper Avery Award. Third, she's married to Richard. That's a whole lot of difference.

Derek and Addison Are Together and Expecting: Addison is having Derek's baby, finally (or at least I assume it's his). However, these two do not seem happy to still be together.

Derek is a Mess: It's quite obvious that Meredith made him a better man, because without her he's awful. He's lazy and uninspired with no clinical trials under his belt.

Callie is the Head of Cardio: In perhaps the weirdest change ever, it seems, based on the staff meeting, that Callie Torres has somehow become the new head of cardio. Something very weird must've happened in her life to point her in a completely different specialty.

Owen and Callie Have Three Kids: I guess Cristina was less receptive to Owen's advances when he showed up, but Callie was. It makes sense since these are two of the most baby-crazy characters on the show.

Teddy is Still in Iraq: Since Owen didn't need to give his girlfriend a cardio god, Teddy is still in Iraq. It's safe to assume, based on this information, that Henry died a lot earlier in the alternate reality since he didn't have a fake wife to give him health insurance.

Meredith and Alex Are Engaged: I recently rewatched the pilot and Alex was hitting on Meredith from the start of the series. I guess Ellis staying alive changed Meredith enough that she accepted his advances and the two forged a romance that changed both of them for the better, as they appear to be far less miserable than usual.

Alex is the Chief Resident: Based on the way he gives orders, it's safe to assume Alex is the Chief Resident instead of April. This makes sense since he was going to win it anyway before selling out Meredith for messing with Derek's trial, but without any of that, his path to victory was easy.

Cristina is Darker and More Twisted Than Ever: Without Meredith as her partner in crime, Cristina seems to have become even more anti-social than ever, hating on everyone.

Charles Percy Lives: Either the shooting never happened or Ellis Grey as chief was able to stop it faster than Derek did, because Dr. Charles Percy is still alive, but there's no sign or mention of Reed.

Lexie is a Coked Up Goth Chick Patient: Without the death of Meredith's mom, Lexie's life turned out more different than perhaps anyone else's.

The Grey's Anatomy alternate reality episode airs Thursday, February 2 at 9pm on ABC.

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