'Grey's Anatomy' Spoilers: A Major Death in the Season 8 Finale
'Grey's Anatomy' Spoilers: A Major Death in the Season 8 Finale
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It wouldn't be a Grey's Anatomy season finale if something terrible didn't happen. And so it comes as no surprise today that TVGuide is reporting that a beloved character is going to die.

That news comes on top of creator Shonda Rhimes' pronouncement that something truly horrible is going to happen in the May 17 season 8 finale of Grey's Anatomy, something on par with the ferry boat accident and the hospital shooting.

Those are some pretty high bars to reach, and if there's one thing we know about Rhimes, it's that she has no problem letting horrible things happen to her characters. She hit George with a bus. She gave Izzie cancer. She let Meredith die for a little bit. She dropped an icicle on Cristina. She shot Alex, Derek and Owen. And she's killed countless loved ones, from Denny to Henry.

If the promise of death isn't bad enough, Rhimes also made it clear that the two-part season finale will find all the doctors heading off to accept new jobs around the country. It's still undecided if the show will get renewed for another season, and even if it does, some main characters may not return.

But who is the beloved character that will die? As much as the show loves to torture its characters, I have to assume Derek and Meredith are safe. But anyone else could be on the chopping block.

Alex is finally coming into his own as a great pediatric surgeon, so killing him would be cruel and hard.

Jackson and April have really started to mesh with the original stars, but would Shonda Rhimes really kill yet another Mercy Wester after the bloodbath from the shooting?

Arizona and Callie seem a little too happy lately, so maybe that will come to a tragic end.

Bailey and Sloan are just kind of standing around on the periphery these days, not doing much of anything. Killing one of them off would be a huge, sad move, but wouldn't affect the drama that much.

If Rhimes really wants to punish the main character, killing Meredith's "person," Cristina, would be the way to do it. But after Owen cheated on her and destroyed their marriage, death would just be piling on.

Are you excited for another of Grey's Anatomy's classic "super tragedy" episodes? There's nothing I love more than when Grey's gets crazy with the drama, whether it's Callie's musical accident or a bomb in a man's chest cavity. So this news couldn't be any better.

Catch the Grey's Anatomy season 8 finale Thursday, May 17 at 9pm on ABC.

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