Grey's Anatomy: Season Finale Part 2 "Now or Never" Recap (Page 1/4)
Grey's Anatomy: Season Finale Part 2 "Now or Never" Recap (Page 1/4)
Yang (Sandra Oh), Karev (Justin Chambers), bald Izzie (Katherine Heigl), George (TR Knight), and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) - our original interns, aw - are all sleeping and waiting for Izzie to wake up after the surgery. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) comes in and asks if there were any changes over night. "You all look like hell," Bailey tells them before leaving. Outside, Yang sees Owen hugging George. Uh oh.

Bailey comes into the Chief's (James Pickens Jr.) office, later to be joined by Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), who breaks the news to her that she was accepted into the peds fellowship program. Bailey is not exactly jumping up and down, and walks out.

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Izzie starts making sounds or talking. And Alex yells "Shepherd!"

Cristina wants to know why Owen (Kevin McKidd) was hugging O'Malley and he says he was able to sleep last night because Cristina came with him to see his mom. He says he can now be a better man, and he kisses her.

George breaks the news to Bailey, but not before doing a funny Bailey impersonation. Not only that, but he's reporting to duty tomorrow. "You did what?!" goes Bailey.

Cristina asks Meredith if she was "better" or whether she feels "different." Mer tells her that she's going to city hall to get married. She gives Mer her post-it and favorite pen. They think about hugging but readily ditch the idea.

A trauma patient arrives. A woman, who is slightly injured herself, comes in and reveals the unconscious guy jumped in front of a bus to save her life. The face of the man is revealed - and wait there is no face. The woman vomits and is taken out. More doctors are called to the OR.

Meanwhile, Derek (Patrick Dempsey) asks Izzie a bunch of questions and she answers everything correctly, which apparently means she's OK and the surgery went well. Izzie is very happy that she's not a "turnip." Everything looks handy-dandy. A few seconds later, however, Izzie asks the same question! Oh no. She's repeating the same reactions and saying the same things! Alex kisses her again. Everyone on scene - Yang, Alex, and Derek - are looking all weird at each other because the surgery has obviously wrought some damage on Izzie's brain.

For the third time, Izzie asks how the surgery went, with absolutely no idea that she just did - twice. She asks the three what's wrong. "We should be celebrating." Oh no. I'm no brain surgeon, but this does not look good. Alex panics, asks Derek if he screwed up her brain. Derek shuts him up and says freaking out won't help.

Back to faceless guy, he crashes again, and now Derek and Mark join the fray. Meredith screws the guy's skull and blood starts oozing out. The man wakes up, opens his eyes, and I'm reasonably creeped out.

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