'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Which Doc Is Stunned By The Truth?
'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Which Doc Is Stunned By The Truth?
Janalen Samson
Janalen Samson
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Defying all of the odds and conventions which usually rule the medium of television, Grey's Anatomy is on a roll.  The show, which is currently in its ninth year (yes, I said ninth), is firing on all cylinders heading into the final stretch of the season. On the heels of last week's excellent "Can't Fight This Feeling" comes "She's Killing Me", an outstanding episode written by one of my favorite GA scribes, Debora Cahn. In it the theme of truth and all of its repercussions is explored and by the time it was all over, the ground was crumbling beneath the feet of a beloved character.

Tell It to Me Straight

Meredith Grey is terrified of ending up like her mother. So much so that she went to Miranda Bailey and insisted on having a complete genome mapping done. The truth was painful. Meredith did test positive for several of the markers of Alzheimer's disease, which understandably freaked her out. Both Derek and Cristina pointed out that the test results, while not exactly reassuring, didn't guarantee that Meredith would fall ill.

Derek assured his wife that they would handle whatever happened together and shared his own genome map which showed a predisposition to several diseases and  (say it ain't so!) baldness. Cristina agreed to give Meredith a lethal injection to end her life if push came to shove but also reminded her that she's not dying yet. In the end Meredith seems to reach a compromise by taking reasonable precautions while seizing the day.

It also came to light that Meredith and Derek's wills needed to be updated since Lexie was still listed as Zola's legal guardian (interestingly, Cristina and Owen were the backups). In an extremely refreshing turn of events, Cristina was completely honest with Mer and insisted that while she would always love Zola and McBaby, she didn't want to be their mother under any circumstances, so the job of guardian would need to go to one of Derek's sisters.

She would, however, relish the role of Cool Aunt. And in related news, Cristina finally figured out why Owen has been acting kind of weird. She observed him with Ethan and realized immediately on some gut level that this man is hard-wired to be a dad. Thus, the issue of children is on the table once again and the question looms: Can Cristina and Owen figure out the Kids Thing to the satisfaction of both and still be together?

A Piece of Gum and a Matchstick

In a highly satisfying subplot Owen, April, and Arizona worked with two Syrian doctors in an effort to teach them techniques to save patients using only the most basic of materials since that mirrored the doctors' circumstances back home. Luckily for them, Major Owen Hunt once made an operating table out of a Humvee, so they've got the right guy to help them. Chief Hunt enlists the help of all of the hospital's top docs and they come up with amazingly creative ways to perform surgery with hardly any equipment in the dark with little to no anesthesia.

Inspired by a conversation with one of the Syrian doctors, April finally gets brave enough to tell Paramedic Matthew the truth about her virginity. While Matthew is clearly disappointed that April is no longer a virgin, he's more troubled that she lied to him. Their relationship seems pretty much over and Dr. Kepner, who discovered that "honesty's not all it's cracked up to be", covertly sends the Syrians home with a care package of very expensive medical equipment.

You Can't Handle the Truth!

Meanwhile, uncomfortable truths were being exposed left and right. Jackson was all bent out of shape that his plans and proposals didn't seem to be high on anyone's priority list. Richard gently but firmly told him that the hospital was his project now and he'd best deal with it. And Derek told Shane the harsh truth: Heather has an instinct for neurosurgery. Shane does not. McDreamy recommended that young Shane keep searching until he finds his own calling.

Since we're being all truthful, can I take a moment to share that, to my delight, Hobo Jo was nowhere to be found in this episode? She must have had the day off. I didn't miss her a bit. In her absence, however, we saw a bit more of Stephanie and Leah than usual. Leah was wigging because she came in sick one day and now multiple patients had developed life-threatening post-op infections.

Convinced she would be fired, Leah confessed her sins to Dr. Bailey who was none-too-pleased by the lack of professionalism in this crop of interns. But in a crazy twist, the common denominator in all three of the infected patients turned out to be none other than Dr. Bailey herself. As the team scrambled into action to contain the outbreak, Miranda was told to sit down and we were left to wonder if she would be the one to be fired. Ay yi yi! So much for being on the backburner.

Grey's Anatomy will be on hiatus for the next few weeks before returning on April 25th for the first of four new episodes which will close out the season.

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