'Grey's Anatomy' Promotes 4 Interns to Series Regulars
'Grey's Anatomy' Promotes 4 Interns to Series Regulars
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Just call it Grey's Anatomy: The New Class. For the show's upcoming 10th season, four recurring guest stars are being promoted to series regulars.

Camilla Luddington, Gaius Charles, Jerrika Hinton and Tessa Ferrer are all joining the cast on a more permanent basis. It's not much of a surprise since they appeared in the majority of episodes in season 9.

The only intern NOT getting a promotion is Tina Majorino as Dr. Heather Brooks. In addition to appearing in the upcoming Veronica Mars movie, she will be a series regular on the 2014 TNT spy drama Legends (starring Game of Thrones' Sean Bean), and as such she is unable to be added as a series regular.

The new interns debuted in the season 9 and quickly made themselves a part of the action. In particular, Luddington's Jo Wilson developed a romantic relationship with Alex while Hinton's Stephanie Edwards hooked up with Jackson.

Heading into season 10, the new crop of Grey's Anatomy interns are doing much better than previous big cast additions. When Lexie Grey's class arrived, many of the interns had large recurring roles, but none were promoted to series regular (the awkward couple of Steve and Megan appeared in many episodes and even had their own webisodes).

When the Mercy West merger happened, four new doctors joined Seattle Grace (Jackson, April, Charles and Reed), but only two survived the season due to the gunman.

The new additions could pave the way for current stars to leave in the future. After season 8 the cast was engaged in contract negotiations and they all signed on for two more seasons. In other words, season 10 could be the last year for many of the cast members if they don't want to continue. Promoting this fresh blood could be a potential way of extending the life of the series if ABC wants to renew Grey's Anatomy beyond next season.

Grey's Anatomy season 10 will premiere this fall, and in a new model for ABC, the first half will air in one continuous block, then the show will take a winter hiatus and return in the spring for the second uninterrupted half.

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