Grey's Anatomy 'Private Practice' a Play on Words?
Grey's Anatomy 'Private Practice' a Play on Words?
As details on the anticipated Kate Walsh lead Grey's Anatomy spin off 'Private Practice' begin to spill, it seems more and more like the name may be little more than a play on words.  Walsh's doc won't, in fact, be going to a private practice in the Grey's Anatomy off shoot, she will be joining a 'collective'.  Don't think there is a difference?  Just ask your insurance company.   Because further details are of a Grey's Anatomy spoiling variety, I ask you to jump ahead for more information.

Zap2it broke the news on what the spin-off is all about. Essentially, Addison heads to a small town where two med school friends of hers seem to be living the ideal life.  Working for a small 'collective', the rigors and stress of hospital politics are non-existent.  So it seems like Addison will be settling into a nice quiet little office,  seeing patients at her own pace,  maybe fall in love with some small town dude with great values, perfect teeth, and those wood cutter abs.  Or maybe not.

If you're thinking that 'Private Practice' will take the Grey's franchise out of the hustle bustle mode and serve up the home town doctor perspective, think again.  The cast is, indeed, filled with plenty of faulted people.  If anything, it appears that the spin off, without the distractions of the oh so frequent medical emergencies, will probably be the strongest 'human' drama of the two shows.

Of all the names attached so far, the clearest roles belong to Taye Diggs and Merrin Dungey who will be playing Walsh's med school buddies, now married and living what appears to be the perfect life.  It will definitely be interesting seeing a character we have seen adapt to a high powered environment like Grey's Anatomy suddenly trying to make sense of their life, only to find that the simple life can have a hidden complexity all its own.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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