Grey's Anatomy: Preview of Episode 6.17 "Push"
Grey's Anatomy: Preview of Episode 6.17 "Push"
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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OK, so now Sloan's targeting Teddy? What is happening to Grey's Anatomy?

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The recent visit of I-want-to-stay-up-for-my-own-surgery Harper Avery has everyone in Seattle Grace in a competitive mood. It's actually a good thing that Derek (Patrick Dempsey) is already Chief of Surgery, otherwise he'd be so joining the fray. But as it turns out, it's the Chief (James Pickens, Jr.) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) who are sort of butting heads over a difficult surgery.

As Chief, Derek picks Owen, leaving Richard bitter. Elsewhere on "Push" Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is jumpy about her date with anesthesiologist Ben, more so when Callie (Sara Ramirez) nonchalantly informs her that third date is sex date.

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On the last episode of Grey's Anatomy, the hospital was stunned with the visit of Harper Avery of the medical award fame. Turns out, Mercy Wester Jackson is his grandson, and he's feeling a Meredith-type of inadequacy and need to distance himself from the famous relative.

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