'Grey's Anatomy' News Roundup: Famous Guest Stars, McSteamy's Back and ... Izzie Returns?
'Grey's Anatomy' News Roundup: Famous Guest Stars, McSteamy's Back and ... Izzie Returns?
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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Demi Lovato is really hyping her upcoming guest spot on Grey's Anatomy. She posted a slightly scary photo from what appears to be the filming of her Grey's stint in May, where she'll play a patient being treated for possible schizophrenia at Seattle Grace. Did she/someone else just try to literally scratch her eyes out?

It's raining famous patients on Grey's Anatomy, as Mandy Moore is also checking in on Seattle Grace for the show's "enormous" May 20 finale (ABC spokesperson's word). She'll reportedly play a patient under treatment by Bailey (Chandra Wilson).

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Moore's hubby will be played by someone famous, too. Veronica Mars alum Ryan Devlin will be the better half of the Walk to Remember star, although very little - actually, none - is known about the roles as of yet.

What we know for certain is Mark (Eric Dane) is hooking up with yet another Seattle Grace denizen, or at least that's what E! Online is reporting. McSteamy seems to be well on his way to reclaiming his once indubitable throne as head slut because it's not Teddy (Kim Raver) he'll be canoodling with (again).

Finally, for some Izzie news, costar Patrick Dempsey has told E! Online that while there was tension between Heigl's camp and network bigwigs, she still left on a "good" note, as far as her costars are concerned.

That, however, doesn't change the fact that she's gone, and Dempsey doesn't think she's going back. Heigl, for her part, thinks otherwise. "I don't know what they have in store. But I'd love to come back in and out at some point," she tells Entertainment Weekly.

Grey's Anatomy returns April 29.

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