'Grey's Anatomy' Fan Columnist: Fearless Predictions for the Season Finale
'Grey's Anatomy' Fan Columnist: Fearless Predictions for the Season Finale
Hold on, Grey's Anatomy fans.  We've almost made it through the wilderness.  After an excruciating month-long hiatus, Grey's Anatomy returns tonight with the first of five all-new episodes to finish off season six.   As we discussed last week, Grey's has a history of doing it up big for the season finale episodes and this year promises to be just as exciting.

Warning! This article contains spoilers. 

According to TVGuide, creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes said, "Fans should brace themselves. That's the only way to put it: Brace yourself. We're going to take you on a ride for the last two hours of the season, and when the ride is over, none of our characters are going to be the same. It's very different in comparison to the other finales."

Rhimes went on to tell TV Guide Magazine, "The two-hour finale will find us 'holding our breaths. When the two hours are over, you can exhale.'" In other words: no big cliff-hanger!

Leading up to the closer, Rhimes adds, 'Bailey will get laid, Mark makes a play to get Lexie back, Meredith comes between Cristina and Owen and Derek throws a cocktail party'. Work-wise, Meredith and Cristina will come into their own as surgeons.

`Everything takes a left turn so that when we see them next season, nothing-including the hospital - will be the same. All the rules as to who they are and where they stand in their relationships are thrown out the window.'"

Whew.  That's a quite a lot of information from a woman who not only is notoriously tight-lipped about plot developments but also adheres to a strict "no spoiler" policy. 

So now that we've heard directly from the source, it's time to have a little fun with this.  What follows is pure speculation based on nothing but my years of watching GA and my own instincts.  Here are my fearless predictions of where we'll be by season's end. 

Meredith and Derek

Since Rhimes has assured fans repeatedly that MerDer is together forever, I'm betting that their challenge will come from an outside source.  My best guess?  Mercy West resident April is totally crushing on McDreamy in a very weird way.  Will she go all Fatal Attraction on him or has my overactive imagination just gone into overdrive?

Cristina and Owen

There's so much to ponder here.  How will Meredith affect Cristina and Owen's relationship?  Is the "triangle" with Teddy finally over?   Will Owen's PTSD come into play in these last episodes of the season?   How will Cristina's professional aspirations and personal history affect her relationship with Owen?  I'm gonna go with my gut here and predict that Cristina and Owen, despite ominous signs to the contrary, are going to work things out and be solidly together at the end of the season.  I also think there's a good chance of them making a deeper commitment to each other, perhaps even a marriage proposal.  I even think Dr. Yang might even be the one doing the proposing as she finally "chooses" a life with Owen, putting him on equal ground as her desire to be a great surgeon as she finally realizes that she can have both love and surgery.

Callie and Arizona

I fear for this couple, at least in the short-term.  I think they're the ones who will be breaking up...most likely because Callie wants a baby and Arizona does not.  In fairness, they're due for a little angst having had very few obstacles thus far in their relationship and this is GA.  However, Calzona fans should take heart because I think they will find their way back to each other, but not necessarily by the end of the season.

Mark and .....Lexie?

Mark's story remains the biggest mystery to me.  I suspect his daughter's baby plays into this somehow or else why bring her back when she'd been written off neatly a few episodes back?  Will Sloan still give up her baby for adoption or will Mark somehow become a "parent" to his grandchild?  Will Callie be a factor in any of this?  Finally, if Mark is going to (per Shonda Rhimes) make a play for Lexie, what happens to Mark/Teddy and Lexie/Alex?  I honestly have no clue, considering McSteamy is also rumored to have a fling with yet another new woman in these final episodes.

Everybody Else

So Bailey's finally getting some action?  Good for her.  It's about time.  I'm betting that Richard is going to find that he's glad to not be the chief anymore.  Alex will be having some big cases in his new chosen specialty, pediatrics.  As for his next relationship, I'm not sure that's even been decided yet as I suspect that the relatively unexpected departure of Katherine Heigl probably threw a wrench into the plans for Alex.  I expect Jackson Avery to join the cast full-time for next season while Reed and Charles are probably outta here.   Finally, I truthfully have no idea whatsoever how Teddy Altman is supposed to fit into the show, particularly now that they're seemingly moving her beyond Owen and Cristina.  So some mysteries remain.   

Your Turn

So now it's time for the Audience Participation portion of our program.  Share in the comments section what you expect will happen and what you would like to happen as GA finishes off the season.  Make some fearless predictions of your own and we'll compare notes in about a month.  The two-hour season finale of Grey's Anatomy is scheduled to air on Thursday, May 20 on ABC.  In the meantime, "Hook, Line, and Sinner" airs Thursday, April 29.  Fasten your seatbeats.  It's going to be a bumpy ride. 

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-Janalen Riccinto Samson, BuddyTV Fan Columnist