'Grey's Anatomy' Fan Columnist: More Bark Than Bite
'Grey's Anatomy' Fan Columnist: More Bark Than Bite
Janalen Samson
Janalen Samson
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
So which do you want first, the good news or the bad news? The good news is that after a stretch of winter hiatus in which we only got one new episode of Grey's Anatomy in six weeks, the show returned tonight with "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", the first in a run of seven uninterrupted episodes until the season finale on May 17. The bad news is that the lion wasn't the only one sleeping tonight. Aside from the Cristina/Owen story this was the definition of a filler episode and I found it difficult to stay awake, let alone care about what was happening.

Cristina and Owen
My biggest gripe about this current storyline (aside from the fact that I don't believe for one second that Owen Hunt is a cheater, no matter what the circumstances) is that it seems so contrived on so many levels. Cristina and Owen have been on the ropes since she decided to abort their baby back in the season premiere. Is it just me or does that seems like a million years ago? It feels to me like an attempt to balance the scales, so to speak, so that now Owen and Cristina have both done something the other finds terrible and must forgive. They must (Anvil Alert!) build new hearts from scratch! It just kills me because Cristina and Owen are the ones who "mate for life" and had never cheated. All men aren't cheaters, writers! Just sayin'.

Anyway, he wanted the baby and she didn't and he eventually held her hand as she had an abortion. For those viewers who complain that Owen shouldn't be so upset, after all he supported the abortion, I would counter with this: he didn't really support the abortion. He supported his wife the best way he knew how in an attempt to salvage his marriage, knowing that his baby was lost to him either way. Unfortunately, things didn't work out so well.

To review, after the abortion Cristina and Owen tried to move on as if nothing had happened, which is generally a bad idea. They were awkward with each other and managed only a shaky truce. They had lots of sex all over their house and the hospital. He threw himself into his new position as Chief of Surgery while she focused on the crucial fifth year of her residency. Then came the Henry fiasco. And the major fight at Zola's birthday party. And the Therapy Gone Wrong.  And the revelation that Owen had indeed cheated on Cristina (!) which leads us to tonight where Cristina isn't speaking to Owen (and apparently hasn't for a week) and Owen keeps trying to do, well, something...so he talks to Meredith assuming that she already knows because the Twisted Sisters always tell each other everything. Right? Wrong.

Turns out the Cristina hadn't told Meredith anything. Meredith turned on Owen immediately of course (which I get, but there's no need to be so self-righteous about it, Mer...it's not like you've never made a mistake in your life) but, to her credit, didn't let on to Cristina that she knew. Instead, in a refreshing turn, Meredith was just there for her friend.  Meanwhile Owen, who is feeling horrible about his personal failings is at a loss at what to do and ends up being helped by none other than Miranda Bailey, who handled this situation just right. She didn't absolve him in any way (nor should she have, what Owen did was wrong...and he knows it) but she did remind him of an important truth: "You did a terrible thing.  It doesn't mean you're a terrible person." Thank you, Bailey, for being the voice of reason.

There were a few other developments to note as well. Miranda observed that cheating doesn't occur "in a vacuum" and I hope the writers remember that. Both Cristina and Owen have made mistakes that have led them to where they are now. To make this only about the cheating would be a great disservice to the characters and the storyline. Meredith commented to Owen that Cristina didn't want Meredith to hate Owen and that Cristina must either want or be trying to forgive him, which I thought was an interesting take away. And, finally, in the show's closing moments, Cristina's suppressed anger and pain flooded to the surface as she tossed her cereal in his face, setting up a showdown of epic proportions next week. From the looks of things (darn you, Promo Monkeys) Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd are doing to be treating us to a tour de force. I can hardly wait.

Everything and Everybody Else
Yes, I am going to group the rest of the episode into a few brief sentences because that's how little happened of any importance. Lexie overheard that Mark was considering moving in with Julia and contemplated trying to get him back. And then at the last minute...didn't. Callie became obsessed with Arizona's former flames but by episode's end they had kissed and made up. Whatever. Teddy started to accept that she is a widow.  Fine, but could you please stop being so horrible to Owen, Tedster? Really. It's unprofessional and unbecoming. Richard and Jackson had some cute comic moments while we barely saw April...again. Alex did what was right instead of what was easy and made a clean break with intern-who-is-getting-way-too-attached-to-him, Morgan. I do love you, Alex Karev. As mentioned earlier, Miranda was awesome. Oh! And Mer, Der, and Zola saw a lion in the street. Love that cutie pie, Zola. Roar!

Yep, that about sums it up. Let's hope things pick up in the next few weeks as the residents interview for fellowships and take their board examinations, Mark becomes Chief for a Day, and Owen and Cristina finally have it out.

The next all-new episode of Grey's Anatomy, "Support System", airs Thursday, April 12 on ABC.