Grey's Anatomy: Exploring the MerDer Wedding Website
Grey's Anatomy: Exploring the MerDer Wedding Website
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Of course, I'm stoked about the upcoming Grey's Anatomy wedding. Judging from one promo, even Cristina (Sandra Oh) is excited, as she mouths "Bridezillaaaa" (shown here).  I admit, I wasn't a big fan of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) partly because Derek can be a real douche bag sometimes (honestly) and partly because of the utter predictability of things.  As I see them in the middle of that church, however, you can't really help but root for them; especially Meredith, who had been through a lot of crap that you just want to make her happy, for a change.

While we're still not sure if it will indeed be Meredith and Derek who'll take the big plunge on Grey's Anatomy's landmark 100th episode, someone bed-ridden and cancery had put it upon herself to take care of everything, with the aid of Derek's credit card.  We previously reported that Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl), because she's all perky and she likes wedding, put up a website to document the wedding of McDreamy and the "queen of darkness" (that's Meredith). The website is very exciting, and die-hard Grey's fans will have a grand time exploring it.

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The website has several parts, but my favorite is the SGH Guest Book because it was like taking a peek into some inside joke among these surgeons.  I thought the comments were funny and very consistent with the characters.  Izzie is perky and full of yey's. Alex (Justin Chambers) said something funny about Shepherd and cereal.  Sloan (Eric Dane) is also funny, bringing up Derek's first marriage (won't they invite Addison?).  Nurse Rose is still pulling the whole I-am-really-pregnant-kidding card - but Izzie said she blocked her from posting "the pregnant jokes need to stop." George (TR Knight) is sweet. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is direct-to-the-point.  And the Chief (James Pickens Jr. sees it as a Seattle Grey's event.  Be sure to read through it once you visit the site.

Izzie also has a special section where she blogs about the progress of the preparation, with a few info about her life here and there.  But she mostly complains that not everyone's into the whole wedding fever as fervently as she is.  A few days ago, for instance, she wrote (in pink font):

"Meredith is lucky I'm not making her wear a dress adorned with 1,500 rhinestones that weighs 60 pounds.  Yes, that dress actually exists!  I just read about it!  So, Meredith, when (if) you read this, please thank your lucky stars I'm only asking you to put a tiara on top of your head.  It could be much, much worse!  xoxo"

What I'd like to know the most is, just for fun, will Meredith actually wear the tiara?  And more importantly, will Cristina let her hear the end of it?

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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