Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.3 "Here Comes the Flood" Recap (Part 1/4)
Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.3 "Here Comes the Flood" Recap (Part 1/4)
Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) opens tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy with Dr. Wyatt. She thinks she's finished with therapy because Derek's all moved in and she's happy about it. Way to make your entire life about a man, Mer. Dr. Wyatt knows better and says that although she's made a lot of progress, she's not done. But Meredith's all, "See ya! Wouldn't want to be ya!"

Back at the ranch, Derek (Patrick Dempsey) is indeed all moved in and pretty much taking over the place. He goes into Izzie's bedroom and starts planning out his new office after she and Alex move out. Wow, what a McDouchebag. This is news to Izzie and Alex (Justin Chambers). Meredith hasn't quite decided what she wants to do, however. Izzie (Katherine Heigl) bribes her with home-baked muffins anyway.

Because of last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, wherein Seattle Grace Hospital dropped from number three to number 12 in the national rankings, Richard (James Pickens Jr.) is implementing a new teaching protocol, with new rules and newly enforced old rules. Residents in their first, second or third years will no longer be allowed to specialize in one field of surgery (the Cristina rule), personal relationships will no longer be a factor in teaching (pretty much everyone's rule), more attention will be paid on patients and bedside manner (the Alex and Cristina rule), doctors will be allowed to grow emotionally attached to their patients (the Izzie rule). The success and failures of interns will reflect on their residents, and residents will reflect on their attendings. Toward that end, Cristina is placed on a neuro case with Derek, and Meredith replaces Izzie on a cancer case because she's already gotten too chummy with Cancer Girl. The thing is, Cancer Girl asks Meredith to tell her all about her love life to get her mind off the cancer, so Meredith is getting too close to the patient as well. Maybe Seattle Grace should get some better patients.

George gets to retake his intern exam today, but just as he's about the break the seal, he sees a big crack in the wall and water dripping out of it. Here comes the flood!

Alex's patient, Aneurysm Guy, is in a broken wheechair. As Alex looks for another chair, Aneurysm Guy stands up and then promptly slips on some water on the floor that leaked from the ceiling and falls on his back. The chief, afraid of a lawsuit, orders Alex to take a CT of the guy, but during the scan, more leaking water causes the CT scanner to short circuit and all the lights go out. That's not good. Actually, everything that can go wrong in this guy's life is all happening to him at once.

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