'Grey's Anatomy' Awesome Quotes: 'Flight'
'Grey's Anatomy' Awesome Quotes: 'Flight'
Cutting down the best quotes to 10 has been pretty difficult so I included a few extras in here. Whether it was the gore, the general terror or the sadness of losing Lexi, "Flight" was a really rough episode. There were lighter moments, sure; Teddy and Owen's friendship is back on track with each of them finally putting the other's needs before their own. April, Alex and Avery have decided to enjoy their moment of glory with the chief and leave the uncertainty of their future for tomorrow, and happily, Bailey and Ben are moving ahead with their engagement. It's lucky we had these bright spots back at the hospital, because things for Meredith, Cristina, Derek, Mark, Arizona and Pilot Jerry are looking pretty grim. Here are the best lines from the season 8 finale:

Alex: Your wife is bonkers! 
Callie:  Yeah, but she's cute. 

Bailey: Don't give me some crap about absence makes the heart grow fonder. 
Callie: No, absence makes the sex grow hotter. 

Derek: Loosen the tourniquet a little bit. 
Meredith: I can't. 
Derek: I'm trying to save the hand. 
Meredith: I'm trying to save your life. 
Cristina: Oh no, save the hand! Save the hand!

Jerry: What's so funny? 
Arizona: I'm married to an orthopedic surgeon and I'm staring at my bone. It's not funny, I think I'm in a little bit of shock.

Owen: If Cristina were staying, you'd be taking that job. I'll be fine. 
Teddy: No, no Owen you won't. You are losing the love of your life.

Cristina: Oh I found it! 
Arizona: First aid kit? 
Cristina: No my shoe! 
Jerry: Is she going to be OK? 
Arizona: Well she's not barefoot anymore. 
Jerry: Well that's something. 

Cristina: Zola. 
Cristina: Owen has got to have figured out we're missing. I know he sent someone. 
Arizona: Mark? 
Mark: I should have said it earlier, that I loved her. I should have said it earlier. 
Arizona: I think she knew. I think she knew. 
Mark: She didn't know. 

Bailey: You are not a free agent anymore. 
Ben: Does that mean we're still getting married? 
Bailey: I proposed to YOU!  In a trench coat! And a thong! Proving once again that nothing good comes from wearing a thong!

Meredith: Christina, where is Derek? 
Cristina: He was sucked out of the sky when we hit the trees. And then the back of the plane came off, it came off. 
Meredith: Lexie was in the back of the plane! 
Cristina: Well I looked in the back and all I could see was freakin' sky.

Meredith: The years we spend as surgical residents will be the best and worst of our lives. We will be pushed to the breaking point. This is our arena. How well we play? That's up to us. 

Meredith: My sister is dead. 
Cristina: Keep it together anyway. 
Meredith: Do you think Derek's dead? 
Cristina: Maybe, I don't know. I've got PTSD, so I am not a reliable person. 
Meredith: Cristina, you are still my person, even if I am not yours. 

Mark: You can't die. 'Cause we're meant to be. 
Lexie: Meant to be... 
Mark:  I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. 

Cristina: I don't understand how this keeps happening! We keep dying, we're in a plane crash--right now! I tell you one thing, when we get out of here I'm getting the hell out of Seattle Grace Mercy Death and I am never looking back. 

Jessica Matasci
Fan Columnist

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