'Graceland' Premiere Recap: Welcome to the Dangerous World of Undercover Agents
'Graceland' Premiere Recap: Welcome to the Dangerous World of Undercover Agents
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Graceland's premiere held nothing back in introducing the dangerous world of undercover agents. After DEA agent Donnie was shot when his cover was blown, new Quantico graduate, Mike Warren was assigned to work out of a multi-agency home called Graceland. With the FBI, DEA, and Customs living and working together, there's sure to be plenty of turmoil.

Hazing the New Guy

Mike wanted to work out of the DC office, but instead he was sent to work undercover under the renowned FBI agent, Paul Briggs. Mike was welcomed with a two-hour wait in the baggage department before finally being picked up by the house's funny man, Johnny.

Instead of getting upset, Mike showed his brains by recognizing that Johnny wasn't Briggs since he was impressed with the 1700 Mike got on his practicals. Since Briggs scored higher, he wouldn't have been in awe.

After getting to the house, Johnny set Mike up by giving him Jake's orange juice to drink. Jake gave Mike a hard time about eating his food. Though, that was nothing compared to what was coming.

Briggs gave Mike an assignment to cover his chores on the chore wheel. Mike cleaned the kitchen without a single complaint. And, even honored Donnie's room by not moving things around and acting like a guest in the room.

In a funny moment, Mike pulled a gun on Charlie when she entered the house in her druggie undercover getup. He showed of his gun skills, while being schooled on the house rules. No guns on the first floor.

The Reversal

Mike was thrown into undercover work right away. He was sent in to sell drugs to Felix, so they could arrest him and get information on the Russian outfit that was responsible for shooting Donnie.

When he was making the deal, Felix admitted he didn't have the money to pay for the drugs. In order to save the bust, Mike agreed to see what Felix had to trade. Briggs hadn't told him that he shouldn't change locations and Johnny was forced to run into the alley to make the bust.

Drugs for counterfeit jeans. And, with that Mike was given the nickname Levi. The bust went bad when Felix was walked through the station and he walked right into Mike in his FBI jacket.

Bust Saved

When the Russians found out that Felix was arrested, they were not happy and worried he would flip on them. They kidnapped his family as collateral for Felix's silence. When asked about the jeans, Felix said that he was arrested with his brother-in-law, Frankie.

This put Mike back in the game when the Russians paid the bail for Frankie. Mike was thrown into a risky undercover situation where he would be asked to kill someone to prove his loyalty.

When the undercover situation started going bad, Mike was quick to save it by claiming responsibility for a killing that Johnny had mentioned earlier in the day. This allowed the FBI to put in the fake details in the police database. Briggs was quite impressed with Mike.

The Russians gave Mike a gun and told him to kill a man at a house they took him to.

Quick Thinking Saves Mike Again

Mike entered the house to do the hit and came face-to-face with an armed man. He got shot at, but isn't hit. Mike then realized the man he was to kill was Donnie. Mike proved he was an undercover FBI Agent by throwing Donnie's spare house key at him.

They come to an agreement and Mike completed the fake hit on Donnie. When he returned to the car, the Russians wanted him to get in the car with them. They weren't going to let him go. 

Briggs showed up and shot the first man when he pulled a gun. The other Russian wouldn't show his hands and Briggs shot him too. When the door was opened, his gun was revealed. Briggs saved Mike's life, but with a questionable kill. Lucky?

Mike's Real Assignment

While celebrating the successful mission, Mike received a call from his commanding agent. Mike was sent to Graceland in order to investigate Briggs. His boss wanted to know if he'd be able to do that even after Briggs saved his life. Mike was surprised at the assignment, but said he could carry it out.

Briggs was suspicious of Mike's assignment from the beginning. Why was Mike sent to Graceland when he had the number 1 priority and requested to be assigned to DC? And, then after the secret call his suspicions increased.

The kill on the Russians was cleared as legit when Mike covered for Briggs. Why does the FBI want Mike to look into Briggs? That reveal made the show must more intriguing.

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