Gossip Girl: Episode 2.3 "The Dark Night" Recap (Page 2/4)
Gossip Girl: Episode 2.3 "The Dark Night" Recap (Page 2/4)
I think Nate (Chace Crawford) and Vanessa are cute together, but I'm fairly certain I'm the only person who enjoys their relationship.  Much like Dan and Serena, N and V make the mistake of canoodling out on the sidewalk, which the Duchess witnesses from inside her car.  They make a date to meet up the next night, though Nate has "family plans" that he'll have to wiggle out of.  And by family plans, he means an appointment that requires him to doff his clothes and act like a stallion.

B is planning the party of the week, which is a back to school bash.  Serena (Blake Lively) shows interest in her relationship with Lord Marcus, but B doesn't want to hear about her reunion with Dan.  She advises S to sit down and talk to Dan about everything that broke them up last year, otherwise their romance will be nothing but a short-lived fling.  S storms off in a huff while B fills the Duchess in on Vanessa's back story over the phone.

Nate is tired of selling his ass, so he heads to Chuck's place to ask him for the loan he turned down last week.  This is when Nate learns to take cash when it's available, because Chuck's money is now tied up in bonds for six months.  C is also feeling down about B's devotion to the Lord, so he has a hot Asian girl flown in to keep him company.

Little J is still being unappreciated by her bitchy boss at the fashion company.  She plays Tim Gunn and suggests that Eleanor's latest design needs some work, but Bitchy Boss won't hear of it.  I guess that endorsement from Tinsley Mortimer wore off pretty quickly.  In a nearby park, Dan (Penn Badgley) and Serena are being accosted by tiny Gossip Girl fans.  The preteen fashionistas have a lot to say about the coupling of D and S.  One of them thinks Serena shouldn't take him back after his dalliance with Georgina, while the other girls are on Dan's side.

You know Blair is up to something devious when she dares to set foot in Brooklyn.  She visits the coffee shop to interrupt Nate and Vanessa's date, and while she claims she's there to be a pal and invite V to the party, she's actually in cahoots with the Duchess.  After Nate and Vanessa agree to attend, B calls Cougar Catherine and tells her they'll be there.  I sense a cat-on-cougar fight in the very near future!

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