'Gossip Girl' Recap: An Election Party and Some Prostitutes
'Gossip Girl' Recap: An Election Party and Some Prostitutes
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Last night on Gossip Girl, episode 3.08, "The Grandfather: Part II":

Chuck and Blair have yet to get naked. Nate tries to be naughty. Serena is a prostitute, and so is Blair's new friend Brandice. Vanessa reveals a scandal. Dan and Olivia are cute. Rufus, Lily and Jenny play Scrabble. And 26-year-old Tripp wins the election.

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Chuck and Blair work hard planning Tripp Van der Bilt's election party. KC wants Serena to get an invite for herself plus Patrick Robinson. Nate and Serena are on the outs, but Tripp grants her the invites to the party anyway.

Olivia and Dan are glad they have the dorm room to themselves because Vanessa is busy filming a documentary of Tripp's election process. Olivia acts strange because she wants to hide her Jimmy Fallon interview from Dan. She thinks she embarrassed him on it.

The bachelor party picture that the Buckleys released causes Tripp to go down in the polls. Grandfather Van der Bilt confides in Nate and says it would take a miracle for Tripp to win. Later, while Nate and Tripp are walking by the Hudson, they see a man drowning. Tripp saves him, and Vanessa catches the whole thing on film.

All the Humphreys, minus Eric and Serena and plus Olivia, have a game night to cheer up sick Jenny. Dan finds out about what Olivia said in her interview, despite her best efforts to keep him away from all technology. The interview reveals that Dan went to the bathroom on their first date and came back with his shirt inside out. Dan storms out of the apartment, upset.

Vanessa discovers that the drowning man was a set-up for Tripp to win the election, and she has evidence on video. She tells Nate, who asks her not to reveal it until after the election. She says she can't do that, and Nate tricks her into selling the footage to a fake newsperson.

Serena and Blair are fighting, but this time it is serious. No, really. Serena wants to make up, but Blair feels they can't be friends anymore. Blair doesn't want Serena at the party, but she goes anyway. In true Gossip Girl fashion, Blair tells everyone Serena's boyfriend, Patrick, has a drinking problem. Which he does. Serena, in return, tells everyone Blair's new friend is a prostitute. Which she is.

Serena shoves Blair's face into a cake, and Blair is outraged. Serena talks to Chuck, who advises her to apologize because one day she might end up without Blair forever. She attempts to get on good terms with Blair, but Blair informs Serena that they are over.

It turns out Dan wasn't mad at Olivia for telling the "bathroom boy" story. He was just sorry he forgot their one-month anniversary. Olivia goes on Jimmy Fallon again and bakes Dan a "Happy Anniversary" cake. They end up having a cute date night with candles and all.

Meanwhile, at the election party, Vanessa finds out that Nate deceived her and releases the footage to the news. All signs point to Grandfather, but Nate tells everyone there he was the one who set Tripp up, and that Tripp really was a hero. Van der Bilt wins the election and all seems well. The only thing is, Maureen Van der Bilt, Tripp's wife, tells Grandfather she was the one who planned it all along.

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