'Gossip Girl' Fan Columnist: Professors, Betrayals, Truces, Oh My!
'Gossip Girl' Fan Columnist: Professors, Betrayals, Truces, Oh My!
Matthew Mendoza
Matthew Mendoza
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
After a brief hiatus Gossip Girl is back and explosive as ever, not only throwing Jenny Humphrey back into the mix but also throwing several budding romances right into the fire.

Last night's episode, "Easy J," offered a countless number of famous faces and lessons to be learned. Let's discuss the damage, shall we?

Teachers, Keep On Teaching


Serena really out-Serenas herself this time by waking up next to Colin -- whom she's known for what? A few days? -- wearing just his shirt. But the joke's on us, kiddies, because all they did was chat about art all night! (While in bed, simultaneously playing dress-up, obviously.) Once she makes it to school, however, she's shocked to discover that he's her new psychology professor. We aren't, of course, because this is GG and it was only a matter of time.


When Blair suggests that Serena choose her education over Colin, Serena's like "Ha!" Because, of course, it's Serena. Colin's able to persuade her to drop his class in exchange for his monogamy, which she's fine with. Lily's less than pleased, however, especially after Colin kisses her daughter right in front of her. So she plays the disappointed card and Serena plays the remorseful card, and they leave Ivanka Trump's party right when Colin's giving a speech about settling down with a teenager. When Serena goes to leave him a goodbye letter, however, the two talk it out and agree to get to know each other better while Serena continues to take his course. Because sexing up her professor will win the dean's respect and trust for sure!


Don't Let Them See You Cry


Blair's sixth sense (oh, and a vague dream) tells her that Jenny Humphrey's back in town. When Little J explains it's just for an interview with horrible actor Tim Gunn, "vintage crazy-ass Blair" extends a day pass to Jenny, allowing the blonde one day in Manhattan before going back to Hudson. With Chuck's meddling, however, Jenny accidentally disobeys the rules of the agreement, so Blair's 40-year-old minions ruin Jenny's interview by painting W-H-O-R-E all over her designs. Jenny retaliates by confessing to Gossip Girl that she lost her virginity to Chuck, thereby humiliating the duo and giving them a taste of their own medicine. With that, she retreats back to Hudson to become a better person. Blair and Chuck have a touching conversation about how things could have ended differently last year. So they extend a tearful truce and vow to move on.


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Girls Do What They Want


Jenny's not the only family member making a brief reappearance on the show -- Daddy Archibald is back, too! When Nate visits him in prison, he runs into Juliet. Now even Nate finds this a bit suspicious, but when he asks her about it, she gives him some stuttery excuse and bolts. When Ben calls Juliet and asks how her career as a life-ruiner is going, she tells him Nate is "different from the others" and that she doesn't want to lie to him anymore. Ben seems to take this well -- until he meets Captain Archibald in prison, beats him up and sends Juliet a mob-boss-like text saying "Did you get my message?" Nate calls Juliet later to say his father is OK, but Juliet isn't interested and reluctantly tells him she can't do this anymore. Nate replies by saying she's just like every other girl who's ever screwed him over. And we see how true that is when Colin joins Juliet for a drink and they make a toast to ruining everyone's lives.


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