'Gossip Girl' Fan Columnist: Drama in the City of Lights
'Gossip Girl' Fan Columnist: Drama in the City of Lights
Matthew Mendoza
Matthew Mendoza
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
In true Gossip Girl fashion, the whirlwind season 4 premiere delivered enormous amounts of haute couture, an overdose of colorful canapes, a heap of catty comebacks, and a slew of mysteries revealed. But was it worth the wait?
Last season concluded by doing what GG finales are so famous for- leaving everything up in the air. Some of our favorite New Yorkers were treated to happy au revoirs, whereas most of them met tragedy face-to-face. Lucky for us, Gossip Girl wastes no time picking up the pieces in "Belles de Jour" and taking us on a wild ride, whether it be in quaint cafes in Paris or disastrous fashion events in Manhattan.

Nate got an adorable haircut over break, but that seems to be the only good idea he had all summer. With the help of Chuck's little black book, Nate's trying to cure his broken heart with gallons of booze and "tons of sex" (as he so crudely put it). That was Chuck's agenda circa season one -- clearly Nate hasn't learned a thing from his friend's misery. He does meet an intriguing new love interest named Juliet, who offers a listening ear and some much-needed advice. But her creepy bulletin board jam-packed with snapshots of the cast reveals an agenda... Is Juliet a good-natured curer of broken hearts? A run-of-the-mill stalker? Or could she be Gossip Girl herself?! (I know, I know! That last question has been wildly reportedly not true, but one can dream, right?)
Serena and Blair were last sighted in a limo, celebrating the chance to guzzle champagne and break hearts in Paris ("celebrating" here means guzzling champagne and breaking hearts in New York). Blair broke the heart of a Prince in disguise when she snubbed him for thinking he was just a commoner, and Serena broke the heart of pretty much every other Parisian man. On a side-note, Serena's going to Columbia alongside Blair once the pair returns to New York. The two fought about it (resulting in Serena being pushed into a fountain), but they're totally BFF again. At least until next week.
Dan and Georgina have been living like hoarders while raising "their" son Milo, even though G seems to be plotting something ominous with a Russian man via telephone. Without telling Dan, Georgina introduced baby Milo to the family and even after pulling such a convoluted stunt, got Dan to sign the birth certificate. Am I the only one who thinks Dan's an idiot for simply believing her at the drop of a trench coat.

Chuck was uncovered half-dead on the streets of Prague. A seemingly good-natured blond nursed him back to health (surprise, surprise!). Meanwhile, his family frantically traced credit card charges to try and locate him, only to assume he's dead. (In their defense, a few of his personal items did wash ashore). Then, in the episode's only brilliant twist, Chuck took up a new identity as a working-class "Henry Prince." Does he have amnesia? Or is he just trying to create a new life for himself?

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