'Gossip Girl' Fan Columnist: Blair and Dan ... In Bed?
'Gossip Girl' Fan Columnist: Blair and Dan ... In Bed?
Matthew Mendoza
Matthew Mendoza
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It's Valentine's Day on the Upper East Side, which seems to bring out the worst in just about everyone ... well, if they're single.


In "It-Girl Happened One Night," most of the New Yorkers moped around about being lonely on Singles Awareness Day, before finally throwing on a fake smile and getting on with it. So basically, real life. Now let's dish about all the heartache that took place.

Because You Loved Me


Serena and Blair decide to have a girl's night in, but Blair becomes consumed with a new article at work, which will showcase a socialite and her Valentine's Day festivities. Spurning the mention of Serena immediately, Blair chooses Raina for the article instead (in order to keep tabs on Chuck). Serena worries that Blair still has feelings for Chuck, however, and urges Raina to cancel the profile in order to spare Blair the heartache. When Blair discovers that Serena was behind Raina's cancellation, she humiliates both Serena and Ben. Later, however, she sees that Chuck does have true feelings for Raina and that Serena was trying to protect her all along, so the girls make up. As per usual.


Quit Playing Games With My Heart


Chuck breaks the record of monotone speeches when he sways Russell into giving Bass Industries one last chance -- by hosting a party, of course! Russell tests Chuck's loyalty by having him fire Lily from the board of overseers. At the party, Chuck surprises Raina with a private room, but Lily barges in to really heat things up. She swears she only ever wanted to help Chuck, and he (ironically) retorts that she's a socialite, not a businesswoman. As if he's Donald Trump himself. Raina and Lily, both disgusted by his disloyalty, storm off. Russell then swoops in and admits he's been pulling Chuck's strings all along and that, no matter what, he's going to tear down the company. Howard Archibald begs to differ, however, as he offers Chuck the key to Russell's office ... and to the future of Bass Industries.


You Drive Me Crazy


Dan spends Valentine's Day chasing Blair around like a lovesick puppy ... but only so she can read his new article and get it published. Remember, she's a Powerful Woman. She can do that now! Blair constantly refuses to submit his story, resulting in their typically delicious banter; that is, until things get serious. Blair's feelings get hurt when she realizes that Chuck does have sincere feelings for Raina. Dan consoles her by holding her hand, but she pulls away after a moment. Later, however, she confesses that his article was in fact well-written and that she already submitted it to Vanity Fair. The two then watch Rosemary's Baby together in bed. Well, over the phone, in separate beds. Copy that?


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Dangerously in Love


The van der Woodsens' holiday celebrations end entirely differently. Whereas Serena gets the happy ending as usual (she and Ben kiss and make up), Eric gets blindsided by a very angry, no-longer-wealthy Damien, who threatens to send Lily to jail if Eric doesn't help him get what he wants ... Oh, those silly drug dealers!

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