Gossip Girl: Episode 17 "Woman on the Verge" Recap
Gossip Girl: Episode 17 "Woman on the Verge" Recap
Last week's episode of Gossip Girl was so wonderfully awesome that it nearly caused my little scandal-loving heart to burst.  Eric came out of the closet in front of all of his peers after he was caught making out with Jenny's scummy boyfriend, Asher.  Jenny (Taylor Momsen) was promptly ostracized from the clique after they realized that she lied about swiping her V card, leaving Blair as the winner of the social war.  In the biggest shocker of the evening, Serena let Blair in on the deep, dark secret from her past: She killed someone!

Tonight, Serena's bad girl side finally reemerges, which helps Nate and Chuck take steps to rekindle their bromance.

Am I the only one who finds it amusing that this is the second episode in a row to take its title from a Pedro Almodóvar film?  Maybe someone on the writing staff is having a Pedro-a-thon.  Anyway, the episode kicks off with Georgina bombarding S's voice mail with messages.  G really wants to hang out, but for some reason S is ignoring her.  Gee, I wonder why?  At the Humphrey resident, Rufus (Matthew Settle) is practicing for an upcoming gig with his old band, while Dan ponders a way to make things right with Serena.

While D and S may be having trouble, everything appears peachy between Lily (Kelly Rutherford) and Bart Bass.  Dan arrives to find Serena, and has to lower himself to talk to Chuck to discover her whereabouts.  He doesn't get anywhere with him, but he does learn that Serena didn't come home the night before.

Dan runs into "Sarah" outside of S's place.  They get to talking, and soon Dan gets a call from Serena. Except it isn't actually S.  It's a bartender letting Dan (Penn Badgley) know that Serena left her phone there the night before, right around the time she left with three guys.  Out of all the numbers to call on Serena's contact list, the guy definitely picked the wrong one.

Chuck and Nate (Chace Crawford) are still acting like a married couple on the rocks.  They both arrive at Blair's place, but when she doesn't show up right away they think it's a ploy to get them talking again.  B puts this worry to rest when she arrives a moment later with an unconscious, very drunk Serena.

Chuck (Ed Westwick) brings in a bevy of hangover cures while Blair forces Serena into the shower.  After S spilled her secret to Blair, she went out and got wasted at the local bar.  Chuck wants to know the secret, but B is too good a friend to spill the beans on that one.  Meanwhile, Dan shows up again at Serena's, where Lily tells him that he may want to check Blair's place for his long lost girlfriend.

When Dan arrives at Blair's, B tells him that S has no desire to see him.  Serena (Blake Lively) comes down a moment later, and Dan demands to know what the hell is going on.  He wants to know what guys she went home with the night before, but she doesn't seem to remember what happened.  However, when he asks if she slept with someone else, she says yes.  Dan leaves in a huff, meaning that S has successfully destroyed their relationship.  Luckily for Dan, Sarah gives him a call and asks if he wants to talk about his troubles.

After Serena explains that she intentionally lied to Dan, the gang insists on knowing her secret.  She certainly hasn't done anything worse than the rest of them, right?  Serena spills the whole story.  It all started at the same wedding where Serena slept with Nate.  They got drunk, had their tryst, and then S went to G's place, where G had the secret video camera set up.  While G was out of the room, the mystery guy put the moves on S.  To distract him from wanting to have sex with her, she suggested that they do a couple lines of coke instead.  The guy did one, then promptly collapsed.  S wanted to call 911, but G came into the room and thought that running away and denying everything was a better idea.  S, who felt terrible about the ordeal, watched from across the street as the paramedics wheeled out the guy's dead body.

Not only do Blair (Leighton Meester), Nate, and Chuck now know the details of the scandal, but Lily has an idea as well.  After getting a call from B's maid telling her that Serena was up to her old tricks, Lily checks her room and finds the sex tape.  She doesn't watch up to the deadly climax, but she sees enough to immediately distrust her daughter.

At Lily and Bart's rehearsal dinner, Lily confronts Serena about all of her scandalous deeds.  Lily chastises her and threatens to send her to reformatory school, which causes Serena to break down in tears.  B confronts Lily and tells her that S has a deep, dark secret.  She doesn't tell her what it is, but she does say that she shouldn't send S away.  Wow, secrets certainly travel quickly on the Upper East Side, don't they?

Lisa Loeb makes a random cameo at Rufus's gig, which Dan and Sarah also attend.  Unfortunately for Georgina, an old friend sees her and calls out her name.  G ignores her and pretends that she has no idea what's going on.  However, Vanessa figures things out when Nate calls her and tells her that "Sarah" is a fake name used by Georgina.  The jig is up!

Lily, who now knows the whole truth, takes Serena to visit the parents of the dead guy.  It turns out that he was an addict for 10 years before meeting Serena, so he was pretty much doomed anyway.  S is just going to have to let go of her guilt and move on.

On a tip from Nate, Blair and Chuck go to confront Georgina.  Before they arrive, V tells G that she knows what she's up to.  G initially tries to deny it, but then makes up an elaborate story when Dan arrives.  She tells him that she was being stalked by an ex-boyfriend and had to change her name.  Oh, that's rich.  She also tells Dan that she's falling for him, which is an even better fib!  Georgina is totally my BFF.  I aspire to one day be as bitchy and evil as she is.

The fabulous trio of N, C, and B arrive at Rufus's gig, but they're too late to confront Georgina.  S also shows up, ready to tell Dan everything now that she feels better about herself.  G calls her a moment later and tells her that all bets are off.  Now that the secret is out in the open, G is going to get revenge by doing all sorts of naughty things with Dan.  She doesn't waste any time, and starts making out with him as soon as she hangs up the phone.

They're not the only ones locking lips.  At the end of the episode, Lily finally cracks and kisses Rufus.  That marriage to Bart Bass may not be on such stable ground after all.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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